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  1. Bieksa seems to be getting worse as the season goes along. Can't wait until Sami Salo and Dan Hamhuis come back. Then we don't have a weak spot on te backend, plus alot of depth guys that could be playing at the NHL level else where.
  2. everybody is sick of you.


  3. I'd give you a negative if I could. Seriously nobody looks through the CANUCKS TALK forum for a list of your fantasy team
  4. Cody Hodgson and Liev Schreiber (the guy that played Wolverine's brother, Victor Creed in the Wolverine movie)
  5. The original poster is confused, not only is Burrows awesome at both ends of the ice, but the 'replacements' you suggest for him (Brown and Krog) arent even in the Canucks system anymore, Krog's in Atlanta and Brown's in Anahiem