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  1. Yup.
  2. He already has 2 points tonight.
  3. Has Schroeder been playing the wing since he joined the Moose? I think he has been, because one he joins the Canucks in a couple years, he'll have to play the wing.
  4. What a pass by Schroeder! 2 points
  5. Me too
  6. AV & gang are at the game tonight
  7. Near the same time as the NHL playoffs, maybe a week later.
  8. He has an assist, but the Moose are getting pounded 5-1 going into the third.
  9. That's good that he is playin the wing, because that is where he will play when he plays for the Canucks
  10. The moose highlights are on the website.
  11. He can't come up this season, as his entry level contract doesn't kick in until July 1st.
  12. Where do you buy tickets for the Heats games? Also looking to catch one of those 2 games