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  1. So Ehrhoff has now played defense with the league leader in points three out of the last four years. Hmm... Sedins are PPG, enter Ehrhoff, suddenly two Art Ross trophies in a row. Exit Ehrhoff, goal scoring woes and Sedins back to a PPG. Meanwhile, Ehrhoff goes to Buffalo, get's injured while the team has a bad year, adjusts and suddenly it's Vanek, a PPG skilled guy who never really broke out in to the top of the league, is ripping the league apart, outscoring Crosby and Stamkos! What is the common factor here... Our defense is WEAK, it's not his fault we relied on the best offenseive defenseman we've ever had to shut down the other team too. He needs a shutdown guy to play with, we lost our only real shut down guy with Mitchell. A good D core has one GOOD offensive minded guy, an anchor and a shut down guy. Our defense has been 5 people that can do everything half decently for about 4 years now and it just DOESN'T WORK. Ehrhoff did his job but our defense failed because he had no back up. By no means was he is an all star, but he was PIVOTAL to our team. I'm just saying, goal scoring only became a problem AFTER he left and the defense didn't improve any by getting him out either. Every time the fanboys defend people against stats, they argue intangibles and making others better. Then when they argue with stats, they ignore intangibles and making others better. Ehrhoff is the BEST player in the league to start a break out with. He is the best in the world at making good break out passes. Vanek, a player who usually scores very close to the net, is now getting a ton of points off of the breakout. What did the Sedins see an improvement in when they won the scoring race? Breakout conversions. If you have any logical sort of mind you wouldn't get the conclusion you got out of these facts.
  2. We're essentially using the cap we got from Salo/Ehrhoff for this guy. He doesn't replace one, let alone both. I wish MG would have just realized how important Ehrhoff was to this team and singed him instead of being a dumb frack and letting him walk. The only proof you need for Ehrhoff's importance to the team's offence is this; the only two seasons he played for the Canucks, a Sedin lead the league in points. Without him, both Sedins played a PPG before and after his departure. MG chose Booth over Ehrhoff and boy didn't that work out? Biggest mistake of his career right now. MG 's knowledge about the defense position is very weak with the way he has handled it. Got a great asset who performed great and failed to lock him up and signed a string of mediocre guys (Ballard, Garrsion). MG should give control of the defense core to someone else, he can't do it.
  3. I hate Terminal. So many camping spots, I set my secondary weapon to a rocket launcher just so I can blow everyone up on the plane. Anyone get what's with the museum at the end?