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  1. this is probably a complaint from Tampa as Yzerman is scared he is about to lose his top player. Even if it is extremely unlikely he signs in Vancouver anyway. Just whiny people trying to cause trouble over nothing.
  2. columbus needs to shed cap vancouver just freed up some cap move higgins or burrows sounds like a good deal to me to get JP
  3. got a link for that would make it a lot easier to see what your talkin aboot Be interesting to see what benning does. I read a rumour about Benning being interested in trading up for 3rd overall too.
  4. Gudbranson is here now no way Benning picks up chychrun benning interviewed Dubois which seems like the most likely guy Vancouver takes at 5 and thats the guy I'm hoping Vancouver picks up.
  5. Benning said Hutton is gonna be playing with Gudbranson. I can't help but wonder if Edler is gonna be on the market? Canucks are really tight to the cap especially if a few players need to be signed. also Sbisa ain't in this lineup.
  6. honestly I would only want to move up to second which would require too many assets the nucks cannot afford atm. If anything we could go for another 1st round pick to get a d-man which would also cost too much in assets they cannot afford either.
  7. I think a lot of people forget about Duncan Keith as a big part of why Chicago has won so many as well Toews, Kane, Keith are a big reason Chicago has won their 3 stanley cups. He also took less money so that Toews and Kane would Re-Sign
  8. The Hunger Games Rule would be in an ideal world, No way it actually happens. The Edmonton Rule is probably the safest bet. I feel though as this is all a ploy to help Bettman get US teams more popular.
  9. all I care about is cap space if we can free up cap space more then anything and cap space is a precious comodity in today's NHL.
  10. I would put it this way the value we got miller for at first was ok but this being his second season and his start to this Season showed that he was our legit #1. His durability suffered pretty quickly as he seemed to have gotten burned out pretty fast after that awesome start to the season. That being said we would have been better off keeping Lack and splitting the games evenly between them as the cap hit would of been more beneficial on picking up better defence. Miller was a good goalie but he is overpaid now I think the canucks should trade him for a NHL ready back up goalie to split games with Markstrom the canucks are inevitably going to go into full rebuild and staying the course may not bode well for them.
  11. Linden just confirmed that they haven't gotten a whole lot of interest and will be sending him down to the minors tomorrow morning via his interview during the Panthers game during 1st intermission... That's unfortunate that they could not get any interest from any other team around the NHL
  12. Yannick Weber is bad but nothing compared to this player
  13. We Still have another secound round pick and we get a player who hopefully will resign in the following offseason.
  14. hope Subban has a great year this year I would bump him up to a top 5 next year if he pans out this year could be a steal for a fourth round pick. He's the guy I've been keeping my eye on the most as well as Virtanen I'm hoping he cracks the team this year.
  15. I doubt it would happen but I hope Stamkos goes to free agency, with expiring contracts like hamhuis and vrbata would be amazing to see Stamkos in a Canucks Jersey