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  1. In a perfect world I would keep all three and move Brandon Sutter and Loui Eriksson to free up the cap space needed to keep them. As unlikely as that is to keep all three I would have to agree with the op on this one. Toffoli has fit in really well with the team and Markstrom is a solid goalie. Which Makes Tanev expendable unfortunately and if he could stay healthy would be my option to keep him. Keep Toffoli, Markstrom say goodbye to Tanev
  2. Game 5 2nd OT Winner Series Clincher everyone was lost as to what happened to the puck except Bieksa who shot one home to clinch the series and move onto the finals!
  3. Different way to handle a team I guess not sure if he will get the best results from it though. Especially if any players don't like playing in that market and want to be traded heh.
  4. I think at one point Minnesota was trying to ask for Boeser for Zucker straight up totally not worth the value for a straight trade between Zucker and Boeser let alone adding in Kaprizov. Boeser to me is one of our Franchise players.
  5. I'm not saying he is a positive example quite the opposite I didn't like him in Vancouver and when they first announced his hiring I was disappointed. Point of it is what he was frustrated by is an example of how the officiating is inconsistent.
  6. Torts was always a hothead but if you look past that and see the point he is making is he wrong? Refs cost them the game and he gets super emotional about it. These guys make millions even coaches make millions every year and risk losing there job if the team they are coaching doesn't perform you can see why someone would get heated over a bad call. I would and so would a lot of other people. Maybe it could have been expressed in a better way or give torts some time to calm down before he gets interviewed but either way I can understand why he is heated over the situation.
  7. this one made the news I remember seeing it on CTV was hilarious
  8. I was born there lived there for 2 years and that was 2 years too long
  9. wasn't my first choice when the Canucks drafted him but the more I watched his highlights I quickly changed my opinion of him. I am so glad they drafted him Here is Cody Glass who was my first choice and was drafted 6th overall behind Petterson at 5th
  10. never heard of him don't care what he has to say and from the sounds of this doesn't really know that much about hockey if he thinks were a bottom 10 again lol.
  11. hate to disagree but Penguins sending Pearson to Vancouver was a great move not seeing the negatives here Edmonton, Ottawa, Columbus/Winnipeg Its a toss up between Columbus and Winnipeg but at the end of the day I think Columbus is worse off then the Jets as the Jets still have a lot of good talent where as Columbus has Foligno to complain about all the star players leaving
  12. Forwards: Miller - Pettersson - Boeser Pearson/Ferland - Horvat - Ferland/Pearson/Miller Baerstchi/Leivo - Beagle/Gaudette - Virtanen Leivo / Baerstchi - Beagle - Motte Defence: Edler - Myers Hughes - Tanev/Other Player Benn - Stecher Goalies: Markstrom Demko Traded: Eriksson Sutter Tanev
  13. the team gets harder to play against definitely be contending for a playoff spots and its clear Benning has a plan for Sutter/Eriksson/Baerstchi pretty hard to start the season with that many players but I imagine they have a deal in the works