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  1. Sign Iginla Trade Doan Waive Ribeiro P. Roy D.Hasek C.Price
  2. he could move up and down so either way. He could swap around with virtanen
  3. To Van: Granlund To Min: Edler + 2nd Round Draft Pick VIA CBJ only works if Canucks could get Edler to wave NMC Granlund Horvat Boeser
  4. I Wouldn't do that deal. Benning I think is building the defence around Tanev and Juolevi I think Edler is the expendable piece here he is 30 now and is only going down hill from here. He also stated he wasn't entertaining deals for Tanev. he is referring to injuries. JVR would be nice for the team over the next few years. The Canucks need that scoring winger thats younger though, someone who can mature with Horvat. just look at Chicago who built their team around Toews and Kane. Vancouver needs to do something similar. Horvat and Nylander would be a good pairing but Toronto isn't interested in moving Nylander. I Think Boeser is that guy but we have to wait till next year for him. Which in that case as Benning is clearly reluctant to pull the trigger on a trade then we have to wait to see if they can draft another Scoring player next year. I'm more inclined to find a coach who can handle prospects better then how Willie has handled them, he clearly relies on his Veterans too much.
  5. Canucks should make a play for Mikael Granlund heh then we would have 2 sets of brothers
  6. I Disagree his value is lower because of his NMC. would be able to get the 1st round pick and a prospect.
  7. they might be interested in Hutton, Tanev or Sbisa. Sbisa is easily available but Tanev is most likely the person to go. Tanev for Nylander would be great but I would have to say Vancouver would probably give up more draft picks knowing Benning's track record.
  8. no way on that swap.
  9. Change is due for this team whether it be full rebuild and management finally wakes up and realizes retooling isn't working. I never had serious expectations the Canucks were going to make the playoffs until after the team was shut out 4 games in 5 or whatever it was. The defence on paper should be better then it is. Defence is supposed to be WD thing and it isn't atleast not on the NHL level. A coaching change is what this team needs first then work on the offense and maybe this could turn around. The current system WD is preaching ain't working.
  10. this is probably a complaint from Tampa as Yzerman is scared he is about to lose his top player. Even if it is extremely unlikely he signs in Vancouver anyway. Just whiny people trying to cause trouble over nothing.
  11. columbus needs to shed cap vancouver just freed up some cap move higgins or burrows sounds like a good deal to me to get JP
  12. got a link for that would make it a lot easier to see what your talkin aboot Be interesting to see what benning does. I read a rumour about Benning being interested in trading up for 3rd overall too.
  13. Gudbranson is here now no way Benning picks up chychrun benning interviewed Dubois which seems like the most likely guy Vancouver takes at 5 and thats the guy I'm hoping Vancouver picks up.
  14. Benning said Hutton is gonna be playing with Gudbranson. I can't help but wonder if Edler is gonna be on the market? Canucks are really tight to the cap especially if a few players need to be signed. also Sbisa ain't in this lineup.
  15. honestly I would only want to move up to second which would require too many assets the nucks cannot afford atm. If anything we could go for another 1st round pick to get a d-man which would also cost too much in assets they cannot afford either.