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  1. Should Miller Still Be Considered #1? (Article)

    I would put it this way the value we got miller for at first was ok but this being his second season and his start to this Season showed that he was our legit #1. His durability suffered pretty quickly as he seemed to have gotten burned out pretty fast after that awesome start to the season. That being said we would have been better off keeping Lack and splitting the games evenly between them as the cap hit would of been more beneficial on picking up better defence. Miller was a good goalie but he is overpaid now I think the canucks should trade him for a NHL ready back up goalie to split games with Markstrom the canucks are inevitably going to go into full rebuild and staying the course may not bode well for them.
  2. Linden confirms Higgins will be traded

    Linden just confirmed that they haven't gotten a whole lot of interest and will be sending him down to the minors tomorrow morning via his interview during the Panthers game during 1st intermission... That's unfortunate that they could not get any interest from any other team around the NHL
  3. Yannick Weber Frustration Thread

    Yannick Weber is bad but nothing compared to this player
  4. Welcome to Vancity Brandon Sutter

    We Still have another secound round pick and we get a player who hopefully will resign in the following offseason.
  5. Canucks top 5 prospects

    hope Subban has a great year this year I would bump him up to a top 5 next year if he pans out this year could be a steal for a fourth round pick. He's the guy I've been keeping my eye on the most as well as Virtanen I'm hoping he cracks the team this year.
  6. 2016 Free Agent List

    I doubt it would happen but I hope Stamkos goes to free agency, with expiring contracts like hamhuis and vrbata would be amazing to see Stamkos in a Canucks Jersey
  7. Kesler a modern day Neely?

    honestly I'm rooting for chicago I'm more of a Toews fan then Kesler, but in all honesty I'd rather see New York win the cup just for Alain! I can atleast say we had Kesler in his prime but right now he is close to being on the decline and we'll probably see that in a few short years. On a stacked team like the Ducks you can see easily why they are 1 game away from the stanley cup finals. Kesler is definately improving them substantially but we got a lot of future assets that may materialize into a replacement for Kesler in the long run. I can see Horvat being our second line center possible this upcoming season we need to shed some of the aging players but we have a big prospect pool again thanks to JB. It will be interesting to see what moves he makes this off season and I am looking forward to next season.
  8. What direction should the Canucks go? (Discussion)

    Bieksa should of been an option and Kassian is a young developing guy still don't think he should be considered there. Edler, Higgins, Burrows, and Bieksa would be the guys I would trade we need younger bigger guys and the ability to put the puck in the net as Scoring has been a week point in the lineup.
  9. 2015-16 Canucks Roster

    It's possible Bieksa would waive his NTC to the right team, probably most likely a contender but what team would want to take him though? I'd like to see how Shinkaruk and Subban do in this year's training camp as both of these guys may be a surprise, as for Virtanen he's looked pretty good in Calgary and I think he can secure a roster spot. love to see this line Kenins Horvat Virtanen would be interesting to see. Players that need to go though are Bieksa, Higgins, and Burrows possibly if we were to keep one player I would keep Burrows.
  10. Trust me, build from within... Youth Youth Youth

    I like the idea of higgins traded, what would people think of Edler being traded too... who would you see as a potential trade target if JB did trade him? or would you even want to trade him?
  11. Tort's on Tampa Radio Fri. Morning

    glad he's gone Willie Dejardins all the way! love our new gm and coach Trevor running the show is a step in the right direction!
  12. I think it was the coaches fault last year for the sedins not performing to the top of their game they should let the sedins focus on offense more then defense 2 and 3 years ago the sedins were Art Ross Trophy winners we can't rule them out yet burrows was in his prime then and he still may have a lot left in the tank yet. Need these players to stay healthy and start producing again. with Vrbata in he may be able to help them perform again not push them so hard they start getting injuries and blocking shots. Tortorella was the worse thing to happen to this team in the last 6 years. I never liked him as a coach or a person and I didn't like it from the start when they hired him as coach last year.
  13. Dejardins would be my first choice Bylsma would be my second. Benning is our GM and I trust he will make the right decisions. I like what Trevor has done so far in hiring Benning.
  14. Missing Vigneault Yet?

    way to get trolled Anyways MG should of been fire before AV. AV needed to go before last season and Torts was the completely wrong coach for the style of westcoast long travel times type hockey. Torts has been in the East and should of stayed there. I would of rather have seen Lindy Ruff or someone with more brains on how to handle the offense instead of focusing on the defense and getting no where with it. Night after night we are lacking on goals hopefully Hunter Shinkaruk can fix this aspect of our game that we have long needed for the last 2 seasons. Who knows when Shinkaruk will be NHL ready though. He looked good to me in the pre-season. I like what this kid is gonna bring. We need to fix our roster and get players like Steve Ott and never have picked up over priced over exaggerated Booth. He apparently was supposed to fix our ability to score If I'm not mistaken?
  15. first off Mike Gillis has bombed as gm if you look at where we were 3-4 years ago we were cup contenders then you look at us now were not even close and we ain't getting closer either this team is going down the rollercoaster ride with no possibility of going back up as long as mike gillis is controlling the ride. He Made a bad choice in Torts which I do like torts but we sacrificed one defensive style coach only to get an even more defensive style coach. We virtually have no offense we had trouble scoring goals last year and were having them again this year only worse. I agree with keeping the sedins Hunter Shinkaruk will be a good help in getting us goals he needs to be developed well surprised me that no other team picked him up he was allegedly supposed to draft higher then Bo Horvat if I'm not mistaken. But the way gillis traded schneids for just a single first round draft pick and nothing else has shown me that Mike Gillis is the biggest reason we have gone down hill. Chicago went through this and then they bounced back after like 1 or 2 seasons before they became a cup contender only to win the cup again. Putting the sedins into a more defensive role has only added to the health problems they've been going through this year. I thought torts was gonna be bad for this team when they announced him being hired then I had doubts when he gave his interview and now I am convinced he was the wrong choice. Point is Fire Gillis he screwed up big time Keep Torts for another year hopefully he can do something get a GM who isn't afraid to make moves so we can atleast be doing something. We haven't gotten younger like Gillis has said we've relatively stayed the same but signed a bunch of replacement players to fill the holes in this sinking ship.