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  1. I remember that signing and I didn't think it was a good idea then. I was still bitter over that 94 stanley cup loss. Then seeing they guy you disliked most playing for your favorite team haha.
  2. I agree its going to make it hard for the Oilers to bring in the right personal to win a cup. The Cap is being raised to 75mil this year which alleviates some room to add that space next year. next year is going to be a rough one for the Oilers though.
  3. true but how many of the cups were won before they signed toews and kane to 10mil contracts.
  4. at 12.5m thats going to handcuff the team in the long run. Just look at the Blackhawks.
  5. I really like Miller in Vancouver right from the start. He is a much more consistent goaltender than Lu was and it showed especially in the 2010 Olympics. If it wasn't for Miller I don't think USA would of come no where near close to getting into the gold medal game against Canada. He is a quality player and sad to see him go.
  6. I like not to crazy term.
  7. easily Weal but if both can be had then I'd take both over megna and chaput
  8. according to sportsnet Vancouver has actually contacted Yakupov's representation.
  9. I really like that lineup myself he may not be no Bure but he may help score some goals.
  10. give him some stilts while were at it
  11. I found this interesting on sportsnet. I really like this kid hope he does well with the organization.
  12. No way to tell that until 3-4 years down the road.
  13. Hamonic to the Flames?