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  1. Subban should have been given some ice time just to see what they had in him. Larsen was a gamble that didn't pan out glad he's gone and Canucks can bring up some young guys.
  2. I wouldn't say Tim Murray was doing good by the team. They were supposed to be trying to make the playoffs and didn't come close. They are what Edmonton was before Chiarelli/McDavid/McClellan
  3. bad signing. prospects can fill this spot better then he could...
  4. It's about time they got some decent prospects into the Canucks prospect pool.
  5. Would be nice if Benning would do this much trading to make some changes that are desperately needed but realistically he doesn't makes those trades until Summer when contracts expire. Signing wise they all look like wishful thinking Horvat is going to definately be in the 5 mil range. Hopefully he wants to play in Vancouver bad enough that he would be willing to take a paycut. Going forward all the trades look great but you may want to look at the cap space for each team first and compare signings with other teams to get the right signing prices. Gudbranson is going to take 3.5 to 4.5 mil to sign depending on term.
  6. I liked the Juolevi pick wasn't expecting it either though but Vancouver has a huge dmen prospect pool to work with which is great for Vancouver now though which is something they had been lacking for years. The next step in the process now is to look at your forwards and add to that through drafting preferably or by trading. Edler has been great I think its time to cut him loose though. Juolevi will probably make the team in 1-2 years hopefully and if not they still have the dmen to replace Edler.
  7. I had no issues picking a defencemen as the season currently goes Katchuk might of been the better pick though for Canucks lack of offence atm aside from that we have an over abundance of dmen atm but I like Juolevi I look forward to him making it to the Canucks lineup one day if the Canucks can shop the 1 or 2 dmen we don't need now we could get that offensive talent they so desperately need. Might actually make them a contender again too. The only other concern as well is expansion draft coming up this year. I think Sbisa is the odd man out on this one even though he is having a great year. Gudbranson / Tanev / Edler would be my guesses as to who gets traded. Although Tanev would be the least likely of the three
  8. Had no issue with the Kesler trade I didn't like the guy but enjoyed what he did for the team Shinkaruk trade I didn't like, thought they could have recieved more from that deal but Granlund's performed well so no loss there. I liked the Baertschi deal Flames got roasted on that one.
  9. aparently it will be updated at 1?
  10. Sign Iginla Trade Doan Waive Ribeiro P. Roy D.Hasek C.Price
  11. he could move up and down so either way. He could swap around with virtanen
  12. To Van: Granlund To Min: Edler + 2nd Round Draft Pick VIA CBJ only works if Canucks could get Edler to wave NMC Granlund Horvat Boeser
  13. I Wouldn't do that deal. Benning I think is building the defence around Tanev and Juolevi I think Edler is the expendable piece here he is 30 now and is only going down hill from here. He also stated he wasn't entertaining deals for Tanev. he is referring to injuries. JVR would be nice for the team over the next few years. The Canucks need that scoring winger thats younger though, someone who can mature with Horvat. just look at Chicago who built their team around Toews and Kane. Vancouver needs to do something similar. Horvat and Nylander would be a good pairing but Toronto isn't interested in moving Nylander. I Think Boeser is that guy but we have to wait till next year for him. Which in that case as Benning is clearly reluctant to pull the trigger on a trade then we have to wait to see if they can draft another Scoring player next year. I'm more inclined to find a coach who can handle prospects better then how Willie has handled them, he clearly relies on his Veterans too much.
  14. Canucks should make a play for Mikael Granlund heh then we would have 2 sets of brothers
  15. I Disagree his value is lower because of his NMC. would be able to get the 1st round pick and a prospect.