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  1. I meant if he were a healthy scratch. Nothing ridiculous about it 1 years at 1 mil he doesn't do well he'll be gone at the end of the year either way.
  2. A defenceman is on the way out a lot of rumours about Hutton/Gudbranson and if either of them are on the way out, Franson could fill in even if he were to sit on the bench as a healthy scratch for the remainder of the season he would still atleast fill a roll.
  3. he doesn't need to solve any problems he's a semi-decent plug and could be a trade piece at the deadline if green can improve his game.
  4. surprises me i think he could do good under green
  5. Linden and his Position the problem for GMJB

    Keep JB he's done well drafting I am not convinced that his first picks were entirely his picks and maybe ownership had a hand in it but regardless I've liked what he has done.
  6. Jim Benning's Drafting

    I've liked most draft years I didn't mind Virtanen. was hoping for the third overall that year but Vancouver's luck is the worst when it comes to getting a first or second. Last Draft was definately my favorite draft year for the Canucks I wasn't expecting JB to draft Dipietro and was extremely shocked that they got him.
  7. Jim Benning's Drafting

    EDIT: Double Post
  8. Traded someone who was a defensive liability only to recieve someone who is a defensive liability. Probably better that its a Forward as opposed to a defenceman.
  9. Disappointing to see him gone but with how well the defense has been doing and the few other defencemen in the pipeline Subban wasn't going to crack the lineup. I think Subban has a little more upside but I don't know anything about Nic Dowd so I can't say this is good or bad.
  10. Derrick Pouliot | #5 | D

    here's a nice little article about Pouliot. He looked really good against the Hurricanes and I like what I've seen from him thus far. Benning has done a great job bringing in some youngs who can perform I think the Canucks are far exceeding what analysts have said about them.
  11. [PGT] New Jersey Devils vs. Vancouver Canucks

    This team has looked better now under Green, Schneider was solid in net I've always liked him even when he was a nervous redhead kid in the few games I went to see in Vancouver and Edmonton.
  12. [Proposal] Vancouver - Montreal

    Not sure if your talking to me or referencing some other posters here but Montreal isn't the best trade partner for Vancouver they have Galchenyuk but Bergevin won't let him go for next to nothing. Tanev doesn't make the best trade piece for him when Vancouver could get more value out of him from another team. Ideally I think keeping Tanev and seeing how this season goes if they make it to the playoffs could be more useful to keep him than to trade him.
  13. [Proposal] Vancouver - Montreal

    I agree I'd rather keep Tanev and package him for picks/prospects to another team if Canucks don't keep him and watch Montreal fail due to poor Management.
  14. Now is the time (Proposals - Discussion)

    yeah I agree not a fan of Bergevin. I like that Ottawa deal thats looking more like what Vancouver is needing.