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  1. Boeser in All Star Voting

    Exactly. I find the media here tends to pick and choose the evidence they want to show to validate points that purposely make the Canucks look bad. Not sure how the media here got that culture that negative media sells more papers so it's best to make it negative.
  2. Boeser in All Star Voting

    The only reason I am not mad about this is because I have come to expect it. Let's be honest, as soon as you become a Canuck you basically become the black sheep of the NHL family. No one cares about you and as soon as they do it's in a negative light. But it's mainly the media we have in this city. They are horribly notorious for just bashing the Canucks and causing controversy whenever they can. Even when we had our famous cup run, it was the Vancouver media that made us villains more so than any other media outlet.
  3. Gustav Forsling is outscoring our D

    You're kidding right? I can name almost every team and every GM who gave up a player that turned out to look like a bad trade down the road. Using hindsight to appear smart and call out someone's decision making is nothing new here. Don't understand why do people always feel the need to point out when a player is doing well that used to be Canuck's property. It's like crying over a girl that they dumped years ago who suddenly got really hot. If every GM is considered bad for making a trade that didn't pan out in their benefit the NHL wouldn't have a single good GM.
  4. [PGT] Ottawa Senators vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Soooo judging from the overall reaction here it seems like we were blown out in both the games so far in the season and everyone on the team sucks except for Virtanen and Bo. Am I close?
  5. [Signing] Tryamkin goes to the KHL

    You can't blame management for this or the coach. He got a fair amount of ice time and it got progressively higher as the season went on. From what it seems like, they did everything they could to keep him happy. You don't just give a kid ice time when you show up at camp out of shape. What kind of message does this send to other players on the team? It's a team, not based on the needs of a single player. Sometimes people just want to go home and be closer to family. Blaming management or the coach on this is ridiculous. I lived in Toronto and had a great job but I still quit to go back home to Vancouver. Sometimes it's a personal preference and silly to think it's because the Canucks organization screwed up. Situation really sucks but there was always the possibility. Probably why he went in the third round. They took a chance on him and he preferred not to play in the NHL. This is always a risk when drafting Russian players.
  6. Time to Bring Back Zack Kassian!

    Gotta love how Canuck's forum bashes a player when they are here and then when they do well on another team the people come out full force saying how we screwed up. Look at how many people are calling JV a bust right now in the Utica threads and I bet if he does well somewhere else, tons of posts will be about how we messed up. What is with Canuck fans and hindsight? Not saying all but the majority of the people on this forum, I just shake my head and smile at their criticism based on hindsight. Kass needed a change. He needed everything that happened to have happened to be in the spot where he is now. I'm glad for him.
  7. Willie D needs to pipe down.

    Has there ever been a coach that CDC doesn't hate after a couple of years on the bench? Just curious. Almost every coach we have had it is the same thing over and over again with the hatred. Fire Av threads, Fire Torts threads and now Fire Willie threads. I can guarantee that after Travis Greene is hired there will be Fire Greene threads within a few years. I think that's just the way it is on here.
  8. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    I actually agree with this. I think Tootoo was trying to deflect from jumping off the bench to start a fight. If you watch the replay he was looking to engage anyone. Threw punches as soon as Dorset came close. I think he realized what he did and chose to deflect to Burrows who probably does trash talk a lot and has a reputation. Made himself look like a victim. With all the mics around the arena if he did go out of line the league would surely catch it. Obviously they thought not. So now after all that the only person who thought something wrong was said was the guy who started the fight. Piece of trash move by a piece of trash player.
  9. [Injury] Burrows Out

    For the people who say this isn't a big loss because Burrows has zero goals this year obviously don't know anything about hockey. Hockey isn't about just goals. Anyone who plays the game knows you can't score goals if you don't have the puck, if you can't get it out of your own zone. The plays that lead up to a goal are just as important as the goal and same with the plays that prevent a goal. I can't stand people who judge based on how many goals are scored because to me those people know nothing about hockey or sports in general. I don't care if you score 3 goals in a game but didn't do anything else because chances are you actions may have still lead to a loss. Some people have such a selfish way of thinking the game. Burrows does so many little things right that wins games even if scoring isn't one of them.
  10. Linden For Gm

    Wow. There is just no pleasing the fans here. We want our GM to be more loyal/compassionate but we yell that he keeps someone for compassion saying it's hurting the team. We demand that he put together a team that relates to the fans but yell that we pay too much for a BC boy. We demand that they win the Stanley Cup but we have one of the quietest buildings in the league. We say we need a coach and GM who supports our players yet the fans are the first ones to turn on them in a drop of a dime. We listen to the media and use their influence as a basis for our hockey knowledge believing in rumours that are not even verified and believe it as fact. We complain about every single coach, player, goalie and GM we have ever had even when we statistically have the best team this franchise has ever iced. We have two top end goalies and instead of appreciating it, we choose one and unreasonably hate on the other. People even wanted Linden gone from the team during his last couple years here saying he was no longer useful to the team and that we were being to sentimental and it was hurting the team. I've lived all across Canada and as a group of fans, I have never met such an entitled bunch as the ones here in Vancouver.
  11. Jason Garrison so far?

    Didn't the same thing happen to Hammer when he first joined and CDC was calling for his head after 10 games saying it was a bad pick-up? I guess understanding that moving across the continent to a new work environment with new players to play with is not a forgivable aspect according to CDC. Every player we sign must be amazing when they join us or it's a bust!
  12. [Signing] Justin Schultz to Oilers

    Wow how fast the opinion on these boards turn on the kid. He is free to sign where he wants and he chose to get more ice time playing with kids his age. Nothing wrong with that. Doesn't make him a spoiled kid or a diva. Geez. He doesn't owe us anything. And to those blaming AV. Come on now. He should just give rookies more ice time without earning it. Have any of you guys even played on a team? How would you fell playing years earning your spot and some kid who is hyped comes in and the coach just gives him your ice time.
  13. Thread Titles 5 Years From Now?

    "Trade *insert current goalie name here* cause he sucks! *Insert name of back-up goalie here* is way better and deserves to be the starter!"
  14. Canucks Memes

    This thread is awesome! I read a couple of the other downer threads and then come back to this one and smile.