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  1. OH this is such good news. I really hope they tear down the whole Bettman regime. Hockey has become a joke and I miss the days before he took over. The corruption needs to be addressed. About time!
  2. The article is bang on but too bad it is not written by someone with more credibility so it will go unnoticed. I miss hockey before the Bettman regime took over. Officiating has become a massive joke since money became the key objective of the business. It's no coincidence that no Canadian market has won a Stanley Cup since Bettman took over. Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver have all been robbed of the cup due to piss poor officiating. It has become apparently that the NHL does have an agenda to passively assist the US market to grow sales. I actually find it more enjoyable to watch Junior games because the reffing is a lot more fair. They call it with way less bias. Some of the refs in particular are god awful in the NHL with a clear bias and it's sickening (cough Sutherland cough). But Canadians will continue to watch because it's our sport and Bettman will continue to reign because he makes the owners money. So in the end, nothing will ever happen and the corruption will roll on.
  3. For those of you who always respond with tin foil hats and it's just conspiracy theory obvious don't follow the news a lot. Remember when the NFL purposely told people hits to the head were fine and anyone who disagreed was considered to be out on a limb. Or when the referees were fixing games in the NBA for betting purposes? Are you so naive that you honestly believe people all live by the rules and there is no corruption? I am sure that the NHL has an agenda for some teams to do better than others to promote the market and make more revenue. It's stupid to think that such a large business doesn't have some corruption. However, with that said, I don't think the Canucks are the only ones getting the short end of the stick. I actually think it's most of the Canadian teams that do well. Have you seen a Montreal Canadiens game recently? They get some terrible calls go their way too. It's like they were doing so well and the league decided that they had to slow them down. Canucks have had some bad calls go their way in recent years but it was just unlucky that they happened against the darling teams of the NHL. The teams that the NHL wants to do well. The Rome hit was a long time ago but that was the perfect example of how suddenly a new precedence was made during a Stanley Cup finals game and the rules were changed to dish out one of the harshest suspensions for a hit that wasn't even that bad. Resulting injury being one of the criteria yet a Canuck player was driven into the boards in a vulnerable position and wound up with a broken vertebrae and not even a call on the ice was made. I'm sure the NHL had every intent that they wanted Boston to win that series to drive sales in the area. That is how it is in this world. Power leads to corruption and if you really believe that these businesses all run a clean ship then I'd say you are the one that needs to put on a tin foil hat.
  4. That's completely different. That's not trash talking. That's calling out someone officiating a game. There is a difference between whining about someone calling you a bad word and whining about a cop for planting evidence to rig a case. I hope you know that. Even then Burrows should have kept his mouth shut to the media and approached the league behind doors. He basically made it hard for his whole team. I don't condone what he did there either.
  5. First off, it is not even known Burrows knew his back story. It's like me saying trash talking someone saying "yo mamma so fat that not even Dora can explore her" only to find out later your mom died of a heart attack due to obesity. Well now suddenly I look like a huge douche but maybe, just maybe at the time I didn't know. Not every player follows the back story of every other player in the league. Also I really hate the way this world is going with this political correctness. I've heard things way worst told to me by strangers on the internet. Do I go to the media or call the cops? No, I deal with it, talk back or consider the fact that what someone I barely know says to me will not affect my life one bit. I hate how whiny with political correctness this world has become. It's like everyone wants some sympathy for everything rough they go through. I've had a pretty rough back story but I don't go demand sympathy every time someone brings it up. Especially when families are getting killed in war torn countries and children being pulled away from parents to become mercenaries and here we are crying because another hockey player said something mean so everyone pay attention to me. I don't care who says it about who. If Burrows went to the media to whine about someone saying something mean to him I would say the same thing. You play a professional sport. Toughen up and stop whining in social media.
  6. You make it sound way to easy to just trade players and get a value return for them. It's really hard to trade players who still have multiple years left on their contracts unless they are a very hot commodity. Not too mention the reputation you would get for signing players and then trading them. Other players will see this and will not sign here without a no movement clause if they see you are the type of GM who signs to multi-year deals and then trades you off. Hockey players are people, when they sign for multiyear deals they expect to stay for most of that duration. How would you like to think you got a job in a city, settle your life and then the company decides to ship you off a year later?
  7. Wow. The lack of compassion and morale integrity of some people on these message boards is astounding. You want to talk about his giveaway then go right ahead but to go into an injury thread to do it is just a lack of human compassion. There are plenty of threads to talk about it but to choose this specific one to rag on how he's played lately makes me embarrassed that we actually have something in common which is the Canucks. His family must have been so scared. Hopefully he recovers and get's well soon.
  8. Refs are human. They make mistakes. There will always be inconsistencies. What I don't like is the accountability factor. There is no accountability at all it seems. You have two refs on the ice yet I have never seen one overturn the other. I mean there must be some occasion where one ref saw that it wasn't a penalty and could overturn it. But this never happens. It's like they are more worried about a brotherhood than the integrity of the game. Blown calls will always be made for every team but at least discuss it with the other ref and overturn it if they saw something different. Only a few times have I ever thought calls were really biased and that was during the finals with Boston and again with the Shark series in 2013. The Ottawa series when they made the finals was also awful. But when you have a whole series officiated by the same refs, you would expect that some bias would come into play. A ref is a human being and will have a bias whether you like it or not. Over the course of the year it's hard to see because every game has different officials but during a playoff run when it's the same ref for all the games, any bias will clearly show.
  9. Meh. I don't think the league is out to get the Canucks in particular. I think the league was out to get us for being a top tier team. The Rome hit in my mind stood out though. Four playoff games in the finals for a hit that wasn't even a hit to the head but a little late? That's a pretty harsh punishment for a player that had no suspension history at the time. Despite what anyone says, even looking back now it was a clean hit and wasn't even that late. Horton just happened to get injured on it. That really hurt our chances on a blue line that was already decimated by injuries. That one series against Boston was the only time I thought the reffing was completely bias. And honestly I blame the Canadian media for that more so than blaming the league. So many articles about how we are not Canada's team and how we are a bunch of divers and dirty players. Painting Tim Thomas as a hero and Loungo as a villain. Everything the team did during that run was turned into a negative and blown up by the media.
  10. How on earth some of you fans can be disappointed with the way Miller has played is beyond me. He is the least of our concerns and I can only remember a couple of games where he wasn't stellar. Other than that he has kept us in the game most nights. Can't blame him for our horrible defense. Do we just like to create goalie controversy for no reason whatsoever?
  11. It's hilarious reading the comments on these board over the 24 hour span of both games.
  12. I don't like a lot of things that Burrows does but as a player I do love him because he plays with so much emotion. When he keeps his mouth shut and plays, he has been clutch for the Canucks in the past and has always been honest as a person despite doing some really weird stuff. He has no intention of hurting anyone. Marchand on the other hand is just a dirty player. He has intent to injure whereas Burrows intention is to chirp and piss people off. There is a huge difference and if you can't see that then it's you who has a negative bias towards Burrows and not the other way around. I for one would hate to have Marchand on the team. I would hate him even as a Canuck. Turtling and chirping is one thing. But low bridging someone, slew footing, punching someone in the face repeatedly, borderline dirty hits, these are intent to injure. Completely different class of character. Think of a bully who always makes fun of you versus one who physically hurts you everyday. Both are bully's but not the same class of bullying. I am more a hockey fan than a Canucks fan and watching Bruins games over the years, I have seen him throw many borderline hits where he wasn't suspended for it. You can't compare the two.
  13. Is this really what this world is coming to? That feelings are so sensitive that a grown man playing a professional sport has to complain to the media that his feelings were hurt? Has anyone tried going online lately? Or played COD? The trash talk on their is ridiculously racial. Am I going to call the cops every time some kid calls me a chink? I can understand if every player was constantly harassing someone in the league about their race and gender and they ostracized them because that could affect someone emotionally but this was one guy saying something mean to another guy in the heat of a battle. I don't go cry myself to sleep after playing online video games cause someone made fun of me no matter what they said. If I was that sensitive then the problem lies with me and not with the rest of the world and I need to figure out my issues. We as a society can't be getting this sensitive that we believe one comment is going to ruin someone's life. On top of that, if someone did make inappropriate comments, does that now give me the right to run up to physically attack them? Because according to the NHL, that is what they are implying by not looking at the fact Tootoo left the bench to initiate a fight. Seems to me they said you are allowed to try to blindside someone as long as they tattle about something mean being said to them. This league is a joke and Tootoo needs to grow a pair.
  14. I actually agree with this. I think Tootoo was trying to deflect from jumping off the bench to start a fight. If you watch the replay he was looking to engage anyone. Threw punches as soon as Dorset came close. I think he realized what he did and chose to deflect to Burrows who probably does trash talk a lot and has a reputation. Made himself look like a victim. With all the mics around the arena if he did go out of line the league would surely catch it. Obviously they thought not. So now after all that the only person who thought something wrong was said was the guy who started the fight. Piece of trash move by a piece of trash player.
  15. For the people who say this isn't a big loss because Burrows has zero goals this year obviously don't know anything about hockey. Hockey isn't about just goals. Anyone who plays the game knows you can't score goals if you don't have the puck, if you can't get it out of your own zone. The plays that lead up to a goal are just as important as the goal and same with the plays that prevent a goal. I can't stand people who judge based on how many goals are scored because to me those people know nothing about hockey or sports in general. I don't care if you score 3 goals in a game but didn't do anything else because chances are you actions may have still lead to a loss. Some people have such a selfish way of thinking the game. Burrows does so many little things right that wins games even if scoring isn't one of them.