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  1. [PGT] Devils 3-2 Canucks

    It's hilarious reading the comments on these board over the 24 hour span of both games.
  2. I don't like a lot of things that Burrows does but as a player I do love him because he plays with so much emotion.  When he keeps his mouth shut and plays, he has been clutch for the Canucks in the past and has always been honest as a person despite doing some really weird stuff.  He has no intention of hurting anyone.  Marchand on the other hand is just a dirty player.  He has intent to injure whereas Burrows intention is to chirp and piss people off.  There is a huge difference and if you can't see that then it's you who has a negative bias towards Burrows and not the other way around. I for one would hate to have Marchand on the team.  I would hate him even as a Canuck.  Turtling and chirping is one thing.  But low bridging someone, slew footing, punching someone in the face repeatedly, borderline dirty hits, these are intent to injure. Completely different class of character.  Think of a bully who always makes fun of you versus one who physically hurts you everyday.  Both are bully's but not the same class of bullying. I am more a hockey fan than a Canucks fan and watching Bruins games over the years, I have seen him throw many borderline hits where he wasn't suspended for it.  You can't compare the two.  
  3. Burrows to meet with NHL re TooToo

    Is this really what this world is coming to?  That feelings are so sensitive that a grown man playing a professional sport has to complain to the media that his feelings were hurt?  Has anyone tried going online lately?  Or played COD?  The trash talk on their is ridiculously racial.  Am I going to call the cops every time some kid calls me a chink?   I can understand if every player was constantly harassing someone in the league about their race and gender and they ostracized them because that could affect someone emotionally but this was one guy saying something mean to another guy in the heat of a battle.  I don't go cry myself to sleep after playing online video games cause someone made fun of me no matter what they said.  If I was that sensitive then the problem lies with me and not with the rest of the world and I need to figure out my issues.  We as a society can't be getting this sensitive that we believe one comment is going to ruin someone's life.   On top of that, if someone did make inappropriate comments, does that now give me the right to run up to physically attack them?  Because according to the NHL, that is what they are implying by not looking at the fact Tootoo left the bench to initiate a fight.  Seems to me they said you are allowed to try to blindside someone as long as they tattle about something mean being said to them.     This league is a joke and Tootoo needs to grow a pair.
  4. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    I actually agree with this.  I think Tootoo was trying to deflect from jumping off the bench to start a fight.  If you watch the replay he was looking to engage anyone.  Threw punches as soon as Dorset came close.  I think he realized what he did and chose to deflect to Burrows who probably does trash talk a lot and has a reputation.  Made himself look like a victim.  With all the mics around the arena if he did go out of line the league would surely catch it.  Obviously they thought not.  So now after all that the only person who thought something wrong was said was the guy who started the fight.   Piece of trash move by a piece of trash player.
  5. Raymond looked Gillis in the eye and laughed

    Canuck fans seem to enjoy living in the past. There is more complaining based on hindsight here than any other forum. I don't remembr anyone defending Raymond when all of CDC was bashing him last year and now that he's doing well, suddenly we have people coming on here saying that he shouldn't have been traded. Seems like every year we have scapegoats and then after those scapegoats are gone, we could have used them on our team. Just because he is doing well on the Leafs does not mean he would have the same output on the Canucks. Two different scenarios. You can't just assume that the same thing will happen under different circumstances. Some players do well under different coaches and teams. Just look at the run of the Winnipge Jets. They are looking pretty elite under a different coach with the exact same team. Raymond may just be more suited for the situation he is in right now. I actually thought Raymond was a decent player despite all the criticism but he does play a style more suited for the open hockey in the East and his time here was done for both him and the team.
  6. Make a trade FWD Talent

    Yes I'm sure every other GM will jump on that trade. "hey...anyone want a bunch of our spare players for a top six forward? anybody?"
  7. (discussion) Why not put Booth on waivers?

    Wow. All these people blaming MGGM becase he can't bend league rules. He can't just drop a player mid-season and lose the cap space. If that were the case don't you think teams would be doing that left and right and then re-sign them at the end of the season? There is a reason there is a union for players and it's so you can not just let players go to circumvent the cap. At this point, management has their hands tied. They wanted buy him out last season but Booth was injured making him ineligible. There is no way to let him go without keeping his caphit right now.
  8. I have watched hockey for over twenty years and have played hockey for ten years and I have never seen such outrageous reffing against a team. I have seen a player go after another player who was not willing to drop the gloves and have never seen a 7 minute penalty against them unless they really hurt the other player. And to see 3 calls like that in back to back games from the same ref says something. If you can't admit that then you have got some serious blinders on. Especially since Vatanen dropped his gloves as well at the same time as Hansen and he gets nothing? Tim Jackman was also the one that skated up to Sestito, not the other way around, and at the very least should have got a roughing call. 7 minutes of 5 on 3 in a 7-1 game is a pure joke. I don't blame them for the loss....the Canucks loss that game themselves. However, that does not negate the fact that the ref seemed to have some kind of personal vendetta that game. Almost every call against the Canucks was by Devorski. The couple calls against the Ducks were made by the other ref. Of course, nothing will ever happen to Devorski and he will be free to do it to another team.
  9. The trade at that time would have been an awful trade for Canuck fans up until this year. This year could be an anamoly or it could be Steen reaching his potential and continue on but if that trade was taken back then, CDC would have had a meltdown. There is no way that was a fair trade back then for the Canucks. Also, am I the only one that finds it kind of funny that Steen at the age of 24 gets traded and at the time Toronto fans called him a bust but at the same time CDC is jumping on Kassian at the age of 23 saying he will never be anything but a fourth liner?
  10. Stanton Placed on Injured Reserve

    Watch it again. I have the game taped and Kassian does say let's go but Konopka looks like he says it was an accident. Was he suppose to blind side punch him Thorton style? You can't just start throwing punches at people in this league anymore without putting your team short handed or maybe worse. In a close game I'm glad he didn't do something stupid. But I'm sure at that point you would be here complaining about how he put the team down a man.
  11. Remember when Alex Steen was traded from Toronto to St. Louis at the age of 23 because he only got four points in 20 games along with Colaiacovo for Stempniak? I was living in Toronto at the time and all the fans thought it was such a great trade because Steen would never amount to anything being that he didn't do enough up to that point after being drafted 24th overall. Guess who won that trade now? Point is all you people who give up on a kid that is just 22 years old is just ridiculous and it's sad that this is the patience level in this market for player development.
  12. Does Kesler need to check his stick length?

    So now we are bashing the guy who is 9th in the league in scoring saying he hogs the puck too much. So when he does pass it off are we going to complain that he didn't take the shot and give up a good chance? We are on a five game winning streak and all I still see is whining on these boards. Even going to the games all I hear is our own fans heckling our players. It's pathetic. Is there absolutely no pleasing this fan base?
  13. [Injury] Burrows Out

    For the people who say this isn't a big loss because Burrows has zero goals this year obviously don't know anything about hockey. Hockey isn't about just goals. Anyone who plays the game knows you can't score goals if you don't have the puck, if you can't get it out of your own zone. The plays that lead up to a goal are just as important as the goal and same with the plays that prevent a goal. I can't stand people who judge based on how many goals are scored because to me those people know nothing about hockey or sports in general. I don't care if you score 3 goals in a game but didn't do anything else because chances are you actions may have still lead to a loss. Some people have such a selfish way of thinking the game. Burrows does so many little things right that wins games even if scoring isn't one of them.
  14. Only 2 games? Cowen doesn't even get a look? I'm so confused as to what is a suspension anymore. It seems like the definition and accountability changes on a daily basis. Seriously, it's like they are spinning a wheel of fate.
  15. [VID] Have Another Donut

    What pisses me off is when you call out the refs you're a whinner. If your wrongfully accused of a crime do you just shut up and do the jail time? Just because they are refs doesn't mean they are always right. This is the mentality that has given them so much power leading to inconsistent calls with no consequences throughout the league. Lots of games around the NHL have me just shake my head at the calls. But this series in particular has been brutal. If you can't see that then you haven't been watching, canucks fan or not. Just accepting injustice doesn't make you tough, it makes you an idiot.