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  1. Just curious as to how many of us Canucks fans are students or in their early to mid twenties. I do some contractual marketing for local bars/restaurants downtown and have always been curious at the prospect of students night for Canuck game. I thought this would be a good place to collect information on how many fans are in that age group.
  2. They prolly dont wanna take the chance of him losing, this fight will be a huge money grabber for them and prolly the most hyped fight in maybe UFC history
  3. If Gsp beats Shields, Dana says GSP will move up to 185 and fight Silva for the belt :D
  4. nvm
  5. TUF is done twice a year not three and Carwin is supposed to return on UFC 131 in Vancouver. He doesn't have an opponent yet though. Kenny Florian might be fighting at UFC 131 also, so it looks like a stacked card. Lesnar vs Dos Santos Guida vs Pettis Carwin vs TBA Florian vs TBA
  6. Anthony Pettis vs Clay Guida is also rumoured for UFC 131
  7. Sylvia just sucks, he stopped a Nogueira who is well past his prime, and Kongo is seriously overrated. I'll give him the Lesnar stoppage but that was just more Lesnar not knowing what he was doing than Mir being that good. He looked just god awful the other day, and White is questioning cutting him. http://www.5thround....ormer-champion/
  8. Nobody knew who Koschek,Griffin,and Sanchez were in TUF 1 when it originally aired. And Mir is always running his mouth, hasn't faced the reality he's not all that good and isnt getting better
  9. Thanks for viewing my profile! x2

  10. Hey agree with you but Vitor was told by the UFC he would face the winner of Silva vs Sonnen and Vitor was actually supposed to fight Silva after the Maia fight but he had an injury.
  11. I can't believe people are really questioning who gonna fight Silva next. I don't think Sonnen is gonna get an immediate rematch but he will be back. Vitor is obviously gonna be Silva's next opponent since he was told before the fight he would face the winner of it. The only reason their are questions now is cause Sonnen shocked the world. But does anybody agree that if GSP was able to put on enough weight and fight Silva at 185 he might just walk through him?
  12. Anybody know how to resign players like Doughty (24 years old) and Hortan (29 years old) to reasonable long term contracts. Seems like the only way they'll except it is if give them the max
  13. I was watching the post fight conference and apparently Josh Rosenthal came to Lesnar before the fight and said that if one you is in a bad situation, you have to show me something that tells me your still alive and able to defend yourself; otherwise I'm gonna have to stop the fight. Rosenthal told Brock (and prolly Carwin) exactly what he needed and obviously Brock did what he had too. So stop B****in bout it. Also Carwin wasn't at the post fight conference, he was at the hospital because he was hyperventilating I though this guy trained at altitude??