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  1. Needs to gain some weight and get bigger. Some defensive work would also improve him a lot, especially getting puck out of own end. Evrything else looks good.
  2. This is the goat thread on this ia board. It will be a very longtime before it loses the title. As for Burrows, im hoping he turns it around.
  3. Both Iggy and Miller on 2 year deals i can live with.
  4. I would not ship out Horvat and the 6th pick.Reinhart is not on the same level as Tavares or Stamkos.
  5. Quick>Lundqvist
  6. Even with Lundqvist playing his best I dont see them winning. I still believe Quick is the best remaining goalie. Kings in 5 Max.
  7. Kings going to end it tomm...
  8. Kings are going to destroy these rangers. My god the east sucks.
  9. This is some major bs, pathetic how there is no suspension or even a fine.
  10. I cannot agree more, I hate Garrison more than Booth. This guy just plain sucks.
  11. We just gotta keep on winning. The rest hopefully plays out good for us.
  12. Who is Tanev pushing out? Gotta be Diaz.
  13. If I were to trade Kes, some young guys like Johanson, Strome, or Nyqvist are the type of returns I would be happy with. Getting those players will also be hard.
  14. Ya you know what, he shouldnt even practice right. MG should tell him to sit because some reporter from Montreal made a rumor. Some people need to relax with all of this Kesler is going to get traded thing. Im happy hes back on the ice and it will be a huge boost when he gets back into the lineup.
  15. GTA and NHL are the only games I will get all year.