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  1. Wonder if they would take Burrows actually. Save them over a mil in cap and hes got fewer years left.
  2. Not for Carter. Probably for Richards. Id love to see him in blue and green. Maybe mattias straight up.
  3. I can agree with this from experience. Too often men are being bullied with these steriotypes. We have to live in fear that a woman will complain to someone that we hurt them. To the point that the abuse that a man goes through is kept to himself for fear of the ease at which it can be flipped onto him. While I believe Slavas case is pretty open and shut, I do not believe that they all are. We do not know the whole story. Not that physical violence against anyone is acceptable. Sometimes a person can be attacked many times before they strike back.
  4. Big difference is that this girl ended up seriously hurt in the hospital and the staff called the police. Last time Varlies gf went in without a bruise on her saying he threw her through three walls and ripped off her arm and beat her with it. The NHL made the right call in both cases.
  5. He was hurt. I got to see a pic of his shoulder. Hes lucky it wasnt broken. It all black and blue. My kids daycare worker is his cousin and we sit and talk Bo for half an hour at a time. She said he was supposed to get a chance on Saturday but they must not have like what they saw in practise. Some time in the AHL will help him for sure.
  6. I think its his speed that is helping the first line. Id keep him with Henrik and Burrows and try Kesler with Daniel and Kassian. Daniel has to start skating and Kesler needs a passer. If not Kassian on the right then try hansen.
  7. Before anyone speculates that he payed her off so she would drop the charges, I would like to point out it wasnt her who dropped them. Her lawyers knew they had no case so they dropped out. In other words they didnt have pictures of the physical damage she claimed or doctor's records stating she has assault related injuries. No eye witnesses. I mean its not like it takes much to at least bring it to trial.
  8. Look at it this way, Kassian has 4 goals in 15 games with almost no pp time and on the 2nd line as much as he is on the 3rd and 4th. Kane has 6 goals in 18 games on the pp 28% of the time and splitting time on the 1st and 2nd lines. Kassian has 12:25 mins avg on the ice, Kane has 21:33 mins avg on the ice. It is more than likely that with the 3 games on hand and 10 more minutes a game that Kassian even though he is on the 2nd/3rd-4th would be out scoring Kane. I don't doubt that kane would have more points though. Kassian at best has been centered by santiorelli but has been centered by welsh and schroeder just as much. Kane has been centered by little and jokinen who while not the best players are still better players. I'm not saying Kassian is better than Kane but I am saying that Kassian could help mitigate the loss of Kane.
  9. I saw it on page 2, the only trade that makes sense for both teams is, Edler, kassian and a pick of no more than 2nd for Kane Winnipeg solidifies their defense. Id say it probable gives them the best d in the league. Kassian is a project player who will probably never be as good as Kane but who will probably end up a perennial 20-25 goal scorer with size and snarl. Torterella said Kassian needs to look no further than Higgins as a role model. I'd say he would have a better one in Andrew Ladd. Edler hasn't played well for us but he would still be one of the better puck movers on the team. He's still young and has alot of winning experience which means alot on a middling team. I'd say Winnipeg is better for this trade and Vancouver is too.
  10. There's a notable difference between Roy and Varlamov. Have you ever seen Varlamov loose his cool on the ice? Hes been punched in the head by seasn avery. Cross checked in the face by kunitz and did you see him try and throw down with those guys? I'm not saying he can't have an anger or abuse issue. What I am saying is that usually there is an indicator. I am also saying that until we know if he did do it, it is wrong to label him as someone who did. I have been in a similar situation to Mustafa and so I know there are two sides of the story. It is possible that he is not only not the abuser but possibly the victim. I know she was hospitalized but that was 2 days after the incident. It took her 2 days of being kicked out of her home and stomped before she goes into the hospital? She's a tiny woman. If a man who was an out of control alcholic with anger issues had thrown her into a wall for no reason and stomped her I'm pretty sure she would have been in the hospital sooner. Again I don't know but I'm not ready to throw this guy under a bus. I'm saying this as a Canucks fan who doesn't even like Varlamov as a goalie. I mean think of the situation. Varlie comes home after partying with his buddies after the winnipeg game at 6am to his blonde model girlfriend and he decides what he wants to do more than anything is throw her our of the bedroom and then beat her and kick her out of the house, If that statement seems logical to you then you need to give your head a shake.
  11. First off Roy was never charged for hitting his wife. He was charged for breaking furniture during a dispute. Secondly we don't know anything yet. He could have taken a child out of a dangerous situation and it would be considered kidnapping. There are plenty of women out there with mental illness and we don't know whether or not those charges were justified. Even if he did hit someone, who knows how many times that person hit him before he reacted. It's unfair to paint him as a wife beater without knowing what happened. Life isnt black and white kids.
  12. Torts sure is the biggest name out there so that must mean he is the best. I'm sure the fact that all the skill players who have played under him have had bad years by accident. I'm sure Gaborik who was great with the wild and looks like his old self on the blue jackets didnt suck in ny because torts didnt know how to play a fast paced skill game. I'm sure Richards who was playing at almost a point per game in dallas hasn't swiftly declined because of torts style. Hey I think the Sedins killing penalties and blocking shots will be a great boost to our offense. If we are looking for consistency then Torts is totally our guy. I mean just look at the teams he has coached in the past. Consistency from his players has never been an issue. Can I stop being sarcastic now? Do the torts lovers understand yet that not only is he a terrible candidate but gillis is not the type of person to bring someone with a personality like that into our locker room? I'm just done talking about it so next person I see post garbage about the team just needing someone to motivate them the way torts did in ny, I'm going to troll until they stop watching hockey and go back to watching big brother rer runs.
  13. Maybe Marts with Robinson as the assistant. I think he is just the type of individual gills is looking for.