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  1. Kings Slava Voynov suspended, Domestic Violence

    Wonder if they would take Burrows actually. Save them over a mil in cap and hes got fewer years left.
  2. Kings Slava Voynov suspended, Domestic Violence

    Not for Carter. Probably for Richards. Id love to see him in blue and green. Maybe mattias straight up.
  3. Kings Slava Voynov suspended, Domestic Violence

    I can agree with this from experience. Too often men are being bullied with these steriotypes. We have to live in fear that a woman will complain to someone that we hurt them. To the point that the abuse that a man goes through is kept to himself for fear of the ease at which it can be flipped onto him. While I believe Slavas case is pretty open and shut, I do not believe that they all are. We do not know the whole story. Not that physical violence against anyone is acceptable. Sometimes a person can be attacked many times before they strike back.
  4. Kings Slava Voynov suspended, Domestic Violence

    Big difference is that this girl ended up seriously hurt in the hospital and the staff called the police. Last time Varlies gf went in without a bruise on her saying he threw her through three walls and ripped off her arm and beat her with it. The NHL made the right call in both cases.
  5. Horvat assigned to Uttica?

    He was hurt. I got to see a pic of his shoulder. Hes lucky it wasnt broken. It all black and blue. My kids daycare worker is his cousin and we sit and talk Bo for half an hour at a time. She said he was supposed to get a chance on Saturday but they must not have like what they saw in practise. Some time in the AHL will help him for sure.
  6. Very clear the Eastern Conference final is fixed

    I was at that game. Travelled 9 hours to get there. I am not a Habs fan and neither were the two guys sitting on either side of me so we chirped them all night long. That being said.... If you have the game pvr'd I suggest you re watch it. The Habs were not playing great in the first part of the first period but the thing that killed them was two bad penalties on bogus holding calls. That was the TSN turning point. They fought back hard in the second to try and get it tied but they were behind form the get go. Yes eventually they took dumb penalties but they were frusterated by the offciating. The whole point of officiating is to keep players safe and to make sure they obey the rules without changing the outcome. The refs failed to do that. Not only did they fail by making those two bad calls early on but they let Kreider single handedly win the series for The Rangers. He intentionally fell into Price. If you think any differently you didnt realy watch the footage or know that Kreider has a history of hurting goalies in the couple of years hes played. It is his responsability to avoid the goalie and he did not do that in the slightest. The skate did not catch Price on the pad it caught him on the knee which was beyond dangerous. He should have been kicked out of the same and suspended. If Montreal runs Lundqvist next game in an identical play I can guarantee the outcome will be a suspension because the refs know they botch the call. Anyways sucks to be the Habs. GO nucks GO
  7. Comparing the leafs to the canucks is like comparing the bieber to sara mclaughlan. Bieber may sell more tickets and be flashy but mclaughlan will still be around in 5 years and have self respect. Phaneuf as captain is a joke. He has got to be one of the biggest di4ks in the nhl. Here are two examples of terrible leadership; 1. This year he accidentally collided with Van Reimsdik and barely looked back to see if James was ok. He wasnt. When asked about the collision he said something to effect of "stuff like that happens sometimes" No apology. No remorse. 2. Post elimination speech: “It’s a terrible feeling for a player to be eliminated from the playoffs,” said captain Dion Phaneuf. “I don’t know what more you want me to say.” Where it all got away is not difficult to trace. “We went through the eight-game stretch where we just couldn’t seem to get a win and we couldn’t grab traction at a very critical time,” Phaneuf continued. “That’s where things went wrong for our team. Up to that point we’d played some real good hockey, pretty consistent for the most part. When we hit that stretch, that’s ultimately what cost us.” He fails to shoulder any of the blame alowing Kessel and Reimer to do that for him. He fails to show any sympathy or class. If the leafs make any change next year it should be to strip him of his C since his 7 mil cap makes him untradeable. Also I'd rather have the sedins for 14 mil for 5 years than Kessel and Phaneuf for 15 mil and 8&7 years.
  8. Torts is the problem. Maybe not the only problem but the reason we dropped from perrenial playoff contendor to bottom 10 team. He blames injuries for the canucks failure this year but it is his system that causes the injuries. He ran our top players into the group the same way he did with NY. He blamed injuries then too. Look at the success that team is having under AV. Its night and day. Let the goalie handle the shot. Its not worth looising a top player for a month. He has to go. They need a new coach who will use balanced skill play like the red wings. We need to trade away a couple pieces over the next couple years for picks to push us over the top. Anyone who says we need to trade everyone away and start from scratch is a moron. That is not how you build a team. We have great character guys that can mentor our rookies and together the older players and the younger will compete for a cup.
  9. OHL Playoff Scoring Leaders

    Well OHL playoffs are underway with the first round almost completed so I decided to check out the top scorers from this round. Boy was i shocked and excited to see we own 4 of the top 8 scorers. 1 Dane Fox Erie Otters 5 6 6 12 6 2 Michael Dal Colle Oshawa Generals 4 5 5 10 0 3 Hunter Smith Oshawa Generals 4 2 8 10 11 4 Chris Tierney London Knights 4 3 6 9 0 5 Cole Cassels Oshawa Generals 4 2 7 9 6 6 Josh Sterk Oshawa Generals 4 5 3 8 6 7 Bo Horvat London Knights 4 4 4 8 2 8 Brendan Gaunce Erie Otters 5 4 4 8 6 I'd just like to remind you that Gillis is terrible and should definately be replaced because he doesnt know how to draft.
  10. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    I think its his speed that is helping the first line. Id keep him with Henrik and Burrows and try Kesler with Daniel and Kassian. Daniel has to start skating and Kesler needs a passer. If not Kassian on the right then try hansen.
  11. The beginning of the decline for Vcr

    Yeah lots of Depth guys we needed were allowed to leave. The only one that hasnt been mentioned is Pahlsson. After Manny went down he was the guy who kept our 3rd line flying. Torres Hansen and Pahlsson flew down the ice when they won their defensive draws. Generated lots of scoring chanches and forced the goalie to give us a faceoff in their end. We dont have these types of puck carriers anymore. We dont have the grit and we dont have a pp that works. We focused so much on finding a top winger to play with kesler that we gave up our team to get it. What we need now is a simple retool and to add some youth to our lineup. Jensen is making our top line faster which is making the other teams d play more desperate. When you have those high speed chances guys like burrows and hansen will sneak in and bang away at the garbage that gets left behind. We relied so much on our cycle to get pucks in the net but we moved too slow so the other teams defense and goal tenders were set and controlled the play. It was when we got their hearts pumping after a rush that the sedins could go in and score. You could see teams get uncomfortable when the sedins were in the zone. They are very comfortable now.
  12. I thought the line looked better with Marleau on it in game one. Benn was fast but he wasnt as handy in front of the net as Marleau. That guy knows how to get open.
  13. Sens’ Ryan upset with Burke’s ‘gutless’ comments

    Common now. It's one thing to fat shame him, its another thing to bring up his oncoming death but I can't believe you would stoop so low as to calling him a man.
  14. Yakapov.. What to do?

    I've watched quite a few oilers games over the last few years and I firmly lay the blame for this teams failures on eakins. He is hired to this team of run and gun youngsters and expects them to play a seasoned ahl grinders game. Instead of letting his team fly and teaching them some defense as they grew up he forces them to take on responsibilities they are not ready for. If eakins wanted that type of team he should have signed in nashville or phoenix. You have to let these kids play a north south game like the lightning do. They wont win games 3-1 but they will win games 6-5. If the oilers would have just traded an asset away for a top goalie this offseason they would have been doing much better. The team needs to sign more responsible veterans to mentor these kids and help them learn. Sure they got peron and gordon but they still need more. Having smyth and jones on your third doesnt help either.
  15. [Report] Varlamov turns himself in to police

    Before anyone speculates that he payed her off so she would drop the charges, I would like to point out it wasnt her who dropped them. Her lawyers knew they had no case so they dropped out. In other words they didnt have pictures of the physical damage she claimed or doctor's records stating she has assault related injuries. No eye witnesses. I mean its not like it takes much to at least bring it to trial.