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  1. Restaurant : Kids under 12 eat free!


    Mother : Yes, He's 11.


    Tekashi 6ix9ine : He's 13.

    1. luckylager


      Don't care how big tekashi is, I'd make him pay for dinner

    2. J-23
  2. Anyone heard the story of Chris Watts? The coward from Colorado who killed his pregnant wife, killed his daughters and buried them in crude oil tanks?...Special place in hell for these d-bags.
  3. Too many preseason games, Get on with it mang!

    1. coastal.view


      if you don't like them

      ignore them

      the team needs them to sort out the lesser players


    2. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      team also needs to not have more injuries before meaningful games even begin

    3. BrockBoester


      Well there's 8 preseason games and 82 regular season games, so let's just say you get about 9.5% additional hockey free of charge!


      I, for one, really enjoy watching the preseason - it's a great insight into the overall organizational depth chart and I just can't get enough Canucks hockey, win or lose, preseason or regular season, or dare I even say, post-season?


      Get those towels and flags ready, boys and girls and not specifieds. We are going back to the dance this spring!

  4. Stoked for this team , Toews even paid respects!
  5. The eyes chico,they never lie...

  6. I am the brownies!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Alflives


      Double Fudge = Double Yum. 

    3. Ashleigh


      See. This is what happens when you lace brownies with pot. You eat them and think you’ve become them. :P

    4. nux4lyfe


      I didn't even know , I was at my buddies house, hungry and ate 2! :ph34r:

  7. Myers = Chara Ferland = Marchand JT Miller = Bergeron (I know) I see what you trying to do here JB... All jokes a side, JB's putting the right pieces in place and you need these type of players to win.
  8. I dunno know man, but the beyatch definitely did some herself.
  9. This AOC idiot needs to take a hike, So much BS coming from the left! Another one (DJ Khaled voice).
  10. I heard on 1040 that one of the scouts got offered a higher role from another team so...just a basic clean-up for the media.