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  1. That moment you can't sleep cause you trying to kill that mosquito in your room! #serialkiller

    1. J-23


      My Dad doing that right now LOL.

  2. Let's sign Jagr so we can all wear mullets to the games.

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    2. Cramarossa


      Isn't that what Hutton is for?

    3. goalie13


      Did you change your hairstyle for Brent Sopel too?

    4. Lil B From The Pack

      Lil B From The Pack

      Yoooo buddy we should just sign all the old guys yo like Jagger and Doan buddy guy.

  3. So nice to see Sami Salo helping out the young troops, One of the best Dmen to rock a Nux jersey!

    1. S'all Good Man

      S'all Good Man

      one of my favourites for sure. good to see him able to skate as well. At the Ohlund fan thing earlier this year it was pretty sad when Ohlund said he can't even put on skates and go on the ice with his kids because its too painful on his knees. 

    2. NewbieCanuckFan


      Weird how he was basically the ONLY healthy NHL D we had in the Finals.


      Boy could we use him today on the team as a player.  

    3. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Balls of Steel needs to be in the ROH.

  4. Beauty goal by Pettersson!

  5. Man, Kudos to frickin' JB! , Great pick ups, gave up no assets and all on good terms for a stop about a round of applause!?

    1. 48MPHSlapShot
    2. milk and honey

      milk and honey

      agreed. "applauses with man boobs"


      ps don't have man boobs

  6. I hope the board doesn't crash like always....knocks on wood.




    1. ItsMillerTime


      This is great.

    2. thejazz97


      I like Kanye, but this is hilarious.

  8. I got, I got, I got..

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    2. DollarAndADream
    3. nux4lyfe


      ^ You should get one then

    4. BananaMash


      do you expect us to just walk into a life store and purchase a life

  9. I lub ju

    1. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle


    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i lub people of all nationalities.

  10. Man I don't smoke weed no more but last night I hit the blunt with a buddy and got higher than a giraffes arse! Da fck are they puttin' in bud these days!?!

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    2. HI5


      Y'all needa stick to illegal drugs...aint nobody smokin weed anymore.

    3. nux4lyfe


      Good for you bro, keep doing your fentanyl ..I'll show up at your funeral if I could get up that day..

    4. Nuxfanabroad


      Hey kids..only users lose drugs!

  11. Glad I didn't return that AC last year after I finished using it...

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i never returned the armoured car i borrowed either. they will never miss it. 


  12. Is Burrows even alive? I haven't heard sh!t from him ever since his 1st game as a Sen!

    1. goalie13


      He's injured.  Missed last game too.  Has 5 assists in the playoffs.

  13. Go BURR Go!

  14. I gotta say, Ottawa is so not cocky, They're like 'meh'..whatever..what's next?

  15. Go Burrows Go! ahem, I mean Ottawa.

  16. Honestly, hate to say this but I won't be one bit surprised if the Oil won the cup after being breast fed 1st rounders in the last decade and the Nux can't even get a drop.

    1. Green Building

      Green Building

      Now I'm thirsty.

  17. I think if a team get's a penalty shot they should have the option to take the PS or a 2 min PP.

    1. Odd.


      I would say most teams would probably just take the PS.

    2. RetroCanuck


      well if theres a couple minutes left in the game or the person on the breakaway is terrible, then you'd definitely take the PP. Ive thought this too and it would be a good little option too add to the game


  18. #NHLRigged

  19. Fu!K this rigged arse NHL.

  20. WTF!?!?!?!HJXOUTQUWvtad9u ebcque;bdap ;gsbhjcxdfrsy8t c6xcvbg89 0

  21. Kendricks 'DNA' on repeat..

    1. thejazz97



    2. J-23


      I got Element on repeat..

  22. Lucic goes Punjabi!


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    2. cookieeater55


      hahah love it!

    3. MJDDawg


      !@#$%& firewall at work won't let me see this.

    4. J-23



  23. Sens-Ducks final..:P

    1. ReggieBush


      Rematch of 07? I like it.

    2. Jam126


      ^^^ Fitting how it's also exactly 10 years later. :lol:

  24. WTF is Don Cherry wearing!?!..He looks like my couch..25 yrs ago..

  25. Why hasn't Kadri been suspended yet?...oh yeah, He plays for the Laffs.

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    2. S'all Good Man

      S'all Good Man

      i'm more surprised that he never seems to get punished by other teams. but slippery weasels like him and Marchand know how to avoid having to pay the price. 

    3. MikeBossy


      Cherry's on Coach's Corner right now defending it - you know damn well if that was Matthews on the receiving end he'd want a suspension and call it a low hit.


    4. S'all Good Man

      S'all Good Man

      I'm so happy TO lost. I was up at Grouse Mtn and just caught the end of the game, and my wife and I cheered loud when TO lost and then noticed a couple of sad faced TO fans giving us the dirty eyeball after. It was hilarious. But someone the TO media will spin this into the greatest playoff run ever.