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  1. Count it up.

    1. J-23


      Can't take it when you die, but you can't live without it.

    2. Nuxfanabroad


      A fool & his $ were lucky meeting in the first place!

  2. Thoughts on J Cole new album?

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    2. nux4lyfe


      I'm not really feeling it of those albums that i'll play a few times and forget about it..He needs to go back to that Forest Drive ish.

    3. ReggieBush


      @nux4lyfe I mean that a fantastic album. IMO nobody has come close to it since he dropped it in 2014. Those are pretty high expectations

    4. nux4lyfe


      @ReggieBush You're not wrong, He just switched up his style too much and me thinks he's just trying to be more what's 'in'...and he really needs to get off that no feat. ish..some of his best tracks are with features.

  3. Next stop = HOF , Gonna miss these 2!

  4. Why are they retiring again!?!?, Still got it!..Man tears were shed..will be missed.

  5. Pull the dang goalie and start losing already, now is not the time for W's...but but 'winning mentality'...No! we haven't had a 1st in 50 yrs.

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    2. nux4lyfe


      @48MPHSlapShot Fair enough but that's going to be very absolutely irrelevant when we end up with the 5th rd pick.

    3. nux4lyfe


      5th pick^

    4. 48MPHSlapShot


      Yeah, and it does suck that we're hurting our draft position, but there really isn't anyone to blame here. Just hope for some luck come lottery day.

  6. Come home and it's 1-0 Yotes in the 3rd, Of course Nux couldn't score if they walked in to a wh@re house.

  7. Nux are bi-polar as this Vancity weather

    1. Roberts
    2. RRypien37


      The most inconsistent and unpredictable team in the history of professional sports imho 

  8. Let BG live guy's , He's a very good 2-way player! B)

  9. 'Grip it and Rip it!'

  10. Def not my day for sports, All my teams lost + Power outage.

  11. Dorsett is missed...

  12. No Leafs on HNIC today!?!?! Did hell freeze over?

    1. Green Building

      Green Building

      I think the Leafs have 3 Saturdays where they don't play. Not too many, that's for sure.

    2. debluvscanucks


      They can't compete with NFL playoffs and refuse to play past their 10:00 bedtime.

  13. Happy NY CDC fam!

  14. Merry Xmas CDC fam..

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      merry xmas to you lyfey. enjoy the feast. 

  15. So many missed calls..

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    2. Qwags


      Virtanen could have drawn 3 on his own tonight.

    3. 48MPHSlapShot


      Yeah, it was really bad tonight.

    4. johngould21


      Jake made the mistake of questioning the ref on the first hack to the hands, yes, two more went uncalled. That tickytac call on Biega was a winner though.

  16. Don't mess with me brah, I have 1 warning pt, Abusive behavior! #streetcred

  17. Darius Kasparaitis is/was the best name in hockey ever!...even though it sounds like you have an health issue!

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    2. nux4lyfe


      Alexei Zhitnik was pretty cool too!

    3. Green Building

      Green Building

      Jeff Beukeboom and Sergio Momesso are 2 of my faves, after Zalapski, Ciccarelli, and Kasperitis. Darren Puppa can be the goalie for that defence heavy starting lineup. 

    4. hammertime


      Kelly Buchberger, Toni Tanti, Zenon  Konopka, Miroslav Satan are some of my all time Faves.

  18. Good deals on pizza, anybody? Burnaby area..

    1. zzbottom


      Definitely not the &^@#ing $7.99 two-topping large from Pizza Hut I ordered online that ended up being $22.10 

  19. This dude is Hilarious!


    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Dandruff of the LORD !  LMAO : D

  20. Felt terrible for Dorsett , The expressions on his face..what a tears were shed..

  21. But of course, Rip us off of a goal refs..POS!

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    2. Green Building

      Green Building

      Cheers bro, I'm about to step out for a doob myself, and I try my darnedest not to let the media influence what I think via politics. It would be great if we could spark and chat, but it's all good, that'll have to wait.

    3. nux4lyfe


      And that we will..You're a good poster and consider you a good 'CDC' friend..don't let the BS fool you, at the end of the day we all just want what's better for the world, hey it might not be perfect bit TBH i think it's a step in the right direction (no pun intended)...Enjoy the Mary Jane homie! will I.

    4. Rounoush


      A fellow Trump guy?! Here?! High-five, man!

  22. Who does Boeser think he is!?! Pavel Bure?

  23. LOL @ the Coilers!

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    2. Coconuts


      It gets better when you think about how their fans and media were trying to dump on us going into the season

    3. Alflives


      I almost missed this thread.  Oilers ruined McDavid by giving him too much too soon.  Their franchise is going to be in big Cap trouble next season.  They are DOOMED!

      whew!  So glad I got my Oiler hatred in:)

    4. Silky mitts

      Silky mitts

      If they can't make the playoffs this season they should be folded for being so pathetic 

  24. I guess I took a lil' longer to open the door for that lil' trick-o-treater, He told me he was about to leave! :lol:

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    2. SabreFan1


      How long did it take you to get to the door?  Did he think that you were supposed to wait at the door with candy in hand?

    3. Green Building

      Green Building

      It's good manners to finish your doob before opening the door. 

    4. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Greedy little buggers startin' early > )

  25. Thanks for getting Bday boy a win Nuckies, I can drink to this!

    1. chon derry

      chon derry

      I gave u a bday cake last year sorry no cake but happy b,day..