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  1. Corona season over? Riot season now?..not sure if I need a mask or a rifle.

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    2. Gaudette Celly

      Gaudette Celly

      Stand by -- the government and their media will always let you know the next crisis that you need to panic over.

    3. Tre Mac

      Tre Mac

      If you want to riot I suggest both.  

    4. Phil_314


      @luckylager preach.  I realized also that the Black Lives Matter movement isn't about propping black people above other people in terms of how important their lives are but to bring about awareness that they should have equality with everyone when it currently doesn't (other races aren't killed or deprived of economic or social opportunities due to their skin color, for instance).  Please take the time to educate about the movement @drummer4now.  

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