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  1. You're wasn't worded properly..don't get your panties n a bunch...and trust me I'm pretty sure I know what I'm talking about..
  2. I don't want to know anything about her 'furry side' careful though, she might fall/trip and hurt herself, she's very fragile and unfit ..
  3. Running as in against him for pres Alfy..slang my friend..You know better than liking that evil witch my furry friend.
  4. And Hitlary was Trumps running mate, which makes it even more relevant.
  5. He's prob kinda owed that (most likely paid for by himself)..You know, How he refused to take a presidency salary...Unlike OBombya raping tax payer's money with his golfing expenses and doing zippo.
  6. Why are people talking about Obombya , I thought this was a Trumpster thread!....
  7. I defend him because it gives a chance for someone like future Ron Paul's who would never have gotten the throne if this didn't happen.. Hillary and Obama are 2 different pieces cut from the same cloth with the exact same agenda...
  8. The question was ' why would she..' and my answer was because (to refine it) is because they play for the same team.
  9. That is false, I've stated before that I would have voted for a monkey if it ran against Hitlary, My bottom line was to get the corrupt establishment out.
  10. No smoke there though... Yes, Yes I was..
  11. You're the company you keep.. It was mentioned before 'why would Hillary protect a pedo'..well, there's a reason. Colombo. Bill, Weiner, Hillary and Podesta are such saints. A rapist, a pedo, a rapist lawyer and 'pizzagate' smoke there LMFAO!
  12. I'll just leave this here..
  13. I'd copy/paste but don't know how to do that with pdf.. Then why was it such a laughable matter when Trump mentioned wiretapping?