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  1. If you want to take it there, I bet you my last dollar she looks better than your partner..that's if you even have one.
  2. Clever...'are we talking about the Clinton's again?' lol
  3. It's pretty sad that, That's what you have to resort too..I've been a member since 2003, Probably longer than you have..Trust me, I know the rules and follow them..don't be butt-hurt bro.
  4. ..So because I have a difference of political opinion? otherwise fill me in please?
  5. Me getting banned is like Trump getting impeached, Not happening because no reason to.
  6. Here you're princess...I'll even use some of you rsources so you feel comfy..
  7. businessinsider, nypost, latimes... ywan..great sources bud.
  8. Thanks for the bait..Okay, So then what's your problem with him?..The fact that he's trying to create jobs?..what is it? What have the past presidents done but put the economy in deep debt after deep debt!? And congrats, You seem like a minority.
  9. Seems like that most of the people that are against Trump are broke people, on welfare, no job and afraid of Trump creating jobs so they actually have to go to work..Seems like they just want hand outs..damn man look at the anti-Trump campaigns..most people are at work at that time, It's what the establishment wants - Make them feel comfortable but keep em' dumb down and slaves to low wages.
  10. It's funny you bring up all these things, you love putting words in my mouth, Like how you automatically suggested I was mentioning put together your own theory and accuse me for it, LOL! You are one insecure dude.. And, about that..I posted facts..Like how building seven went down which was a football field away from the twin towers, It's like my house catches fire and the house 3 blocks away does too, They even told people to move away because they were going to 'pull it'..wrap your head around that and let's not turn this in to a 9/11 thread.
  11. Triggered? Princess, You ain't CNN..Don't jump to conclusions.
  12. Let's get one thing straight here princess, Never ANNDDD I mean Everrrr have I posted anything about no conspiracy or even anything close to it. But, On the other hand, the only conspiracy I see here that people like you that still hang on to some Russian conspiracy BS..Take a look in the mirror before you try and call me out. I'm still waiting on what BS you guys come up next, it's been awhile, disappointed.
  13. It seems to be a trend with these guy's lately..just take it easy on them..some things are hard to comprehend for the Hitlary losing the election.
  14. Ahh..You obviously don't get sarcasm.