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  1. Is Burrows even alive? I haven't heard sh!t from him ever since his 1st game as a Sen!

    1. goalie13


      He's injured.  Missed last game too.  Has 5 assists in the playoffs.

  2. CNN is on trump like flies on sht . This man can't sneeze without a headline story ..
  3. My moms, brothers sons..forget cousins, we pretty much did everything together growing up..pretty much bros.
  4. Honestly. I could give a rats arse about wrestling but it's awesome seeing my cousins (singh bros) doing it in the big show.
  5. Yes, brother ..Guy makes a lot of sense. No?...I won't attack you personally like you do..I'm sure you are a good dude that is open to a healthy conversation?
  6. Really it is time to drain the swamp..Trump better get on it..
  7. FFS that's exactly what it gawd, you get it bro...How does Obama and Hitlery end up on the same team after the the BS they had..Obama/Hitlary = same team, diff players...Trump = His own player, Different agenda....'Deep State' = Lynch Trump at every cost before he eff's up everything we own.
  8. OR he could have EFF'd off with his money from the start, Not give a sh!t about America, Especially the working class people and enjoy a life that many only dream of living..yeah Trump, get ya arse up early in the morning to get to work while he's got stacks on stacks only to put up with the Liberal propaganda he has to do everyday...I wouldn't blame him one bit if he stepped down...with all the BS he has to put up with.
  9. Of course it is, You throw enough sh!t at the wall, somethings gotta stick right? least that's what these liberals are hoping smoke, no fire..just some more money lost for that douche Soros..
  10. Man these Libs and their tinfoil wearing hat with Trump conspiracy therories with no evidence whatsoever...Here's one for you, (or only conservatives are allowed to wear em'? )...gotta love how the tables turned. (insert 'triggered')
  11. No thanks, Alex Jones is a clown....but having said that, I might as well since all this BS started from the Washington Post.
  12. Awwwwww, You Libs are so cute, comparing facts to some made up crap by the MSM... At least you guys will get to sleep at night for a few days on some false hope that something big will happen..when the smoke clears, guess what, Trump will still be the POTUS. On on to the new scandal...and yes that both Obambya and Hitlary should be in Gitmo right now, investigate those criminals when there is plenty of evidence out there and stop wasting resources and tax payers money on some sh!tr that that's made up and funded by the left rub msn.