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  1. I hate that. Especially those big hiking backpacks!
  2. This one gives me a headache
  3. LOL this one takes me back. I remember skating around my local sports centre as a kid to this song at roller disco, doing the dance moves that went with the song . I wonder if she went out in the end.
  4. The water there is pretty rank so if the filter actually works it'd be pretty cool. Can't see it happening though.
  5. They just opened a window. Spoil sports.
  6. Sweet. Not everyday you thrash Barca who had a pretty decent squad. Bit more optimistic of the season ahead.
  7. I've not really been playing the game other than at work. Decided to open my app this morning to see if my egg would hatch. Wasn't expecting much, got a Ponyta. Happy days.
  8. Not to be pedantic but it depends on what kind of intersection we're at 4 way stop, sure he should wait his turn. Intersection with a filter arrow, again he should wait his turn. Intersection where you have to cross traffic with no arrow and there are cars oncoming, then it's up to you to make the decision of whether or not it's safe to make that turn. Which leads me back to the restaurant, obviously non of us were there but from that article I still feel they both have a part to play.
  9. Been on a Weezer binge since their show last week
  10. I think a criminal suit is a bit much, they both have a part to play in this. The waiter was negligent when he didn't write anything down or tell the kitchen staff about this mans allergies. But at the same time the customer should have made 100% sure he wasn't eating seafood. Poor lighting is a poor excuse. He wasn't alone, he could have gotten his friend to try a piece of the meal when it arrived or when he noticed the waiter hadn't written it down he could have asked him again if he'd told the kitchen staff and put his mind at ease. If you have an allergy so bad that it could kill you then these are the extra steps you take. I'm glad the guy ended up being okay. The waiter should probably go through some re-training (if he didn't lose his job).
  11. Yeah, the guys at the CBSA are different to the ones screening your bags when you go on your holiday.
  12. It can help, as once you have a full RAIC it's easier to move around the airport. Is a screener your end goal? People joke about them but they're one of the highest paying jobs in the airport and have good benefits too. If you have customer service experience just apply with them directly. I've known people to just apply online and get the job but a lot of people are hired from other jobs at the airport as they already have security clearance.