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  1. People who use you as a reference without asking you first. Said person then demanding you write them a reference for the next day. Er, no.
  2. Won another coffee today.
  3. Count me in as another fan of J&J Wonton Noodle House.
  4. Me too, but plenty go crazy for it (maybe not the Seattle - Vancouver route). From Vancouver to Jasper / Banff / Lake Louise / Calgary they can get 1000+ a week in the height of summer. Each ticket being at least 3 grand each way. People paying those stupid prices will add in a boat trip to Victoria.
  5. I can see it appealing to tourists, especially ones who are in town for the Rocky Mountaineer. They're already overpaying for a train, why not add a boat trip too?
  6. The past 2 mornings I've won coffee.
  7. I'm 0/1.
  8. I really don't like the new Arcade Fire song. I hope this isn't the direction of the new album.
  9. That happened to me just before Christmas. Took almost 3 weeks for something to come from Ontario to BC. My Mum sent me a Christmas card from England at the beginning of December, I got it last week. Canada Post is the best
  10. When I woke up this morning it wasn't snowing now everything looks all pretty and white. It stopped for a bit at first light but now it's coming down again.
  11. The last movie I watched was Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them. Being a Harry Potter fan I enjoyed the movie but I felt it was kinda slow to start with and in parts it annoyed me a little bit. It was entertaining overall and I'd recommend any HP fan to check it out.
  12. RIP Gilly.
  13. Get in. Great result this morning.
  14. Ditto what he said. Enjoy the game. Support who you want.
  15. Sounds like a troll.