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  1. Donnie Darko
  2. does someone have the article, or link?
  3. Can someone make a short video with StarCraft's "Hell It's about time" and put Trudeau on the face? .....thanks!
  4. "Congress doesn't regulate Wall Street Wall Street regulates Congress" Damn.
  5. John Wick - mediocre but somewhat enjoyable.. 2/5 felt so unprofessional, like frank miller meets bill and ted
  6. Well we couldn't get much worse than Torts right.
  7. Edge of Tomorrow 8/10 - it was more comical than I thought.. not bad though.. I did enjoy it..
  8. Not my words, but the words of the pundits.
  9. Hopefully Kassian will develop more and more.. When he came to Vancouver he was touted to be similar to Lucic and Bertuzzi.
  10. What does a gay cow eat? "Heeeeeeeeeeeey!"
  11. thanks. people like you make it much more worthwhile to spend the time doing all the research.

  12. good posts in the God thread, I find myself agreeing with a lot of what you're saying.

  13. Agreed. You mean, what's next for Lesnar? Dana was just BEGGING to get Fedor into the UFC to fight Lesnar, but now after Carwin (and i guess Lesnar will win), what's next for Lesnar?? Fedor can go through Overeem, Werdum, and pretty much retire his legendary status. He can pull a Floydweather and come out of retirement once the right guy comes along. Lesnar can't do that. He's a Mike Tyson with no opponents around him.