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  1. Can someone make a short video with StarCraft's "Hell It's about time" and put Trudeau on the face? .....thanks!
  2. "Congress doesn't regulate Wall Street Wall Street regulates Congress" Damn.
  3. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    John Wick - mediocre but somewhat enjoyable.. 2/5 felt so unprofessional, like frank miller meets bill and ted
  4. [GDT] VAN @ SJS - Nov. 6

    what channel is this game on? i can't find it for the life of me. i'm using shaw cable.. it should have been on sn360 but the HD version is blacked out.. is there a SD version of sn360? anyone?
  5. Ramadan Thread

    I don't fault people for doing this actually. I'm not Mormon or JW, but I understand why it's such an importance for them. To their beliefs, they have found something so life changing, something like a cure to cancer. Wouldn't you want to tell people that? Also, my church has started the 30 days of prayer for our Muslim brothers and sisters. We hand these out to our Children's, Youth, and Adults ministries: http://worldchristian.com/productdetails.php?product_id=36631
  6. [Confirmed] Willie Desjardin: VAN Head Coach

    Well we couldn't get much worse than Torts right.
  7. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Edge of Tomorrow 8/10 - it was more comical than I thought.. not bad though.. I did enjoy it..
  8. The I Support BC Teachers thread

    Oh Heretic, good to see you still around. What's wrong with the BCTF? (assume I didn't read the other 22 pages)
  9. Kassian making a case for himself

    Not my words, but the words of the pundits.
  10. Kassian making a case for himself

    Hopefully Kassian will develop more and more.. When he came to Vancouver he was touted to be similar to Lucic and Bertuzzi.
  11. Looking on purchasing a used car

    Corolla's will edge out any other car on reliability. Hands down.
  12. Spices

    There is a famous korean dish called "kam ja tang" and it requires the use of perilla seeds. Very cool stuff.
  13. Time to make your stand on the 2013/14 canucks

    Is this a witch hunt thread?
  14. Ask SN anything

    Does God exist?
  15. Cheesy Joke Thread

    What does a gay cow eat? "Heeeeeeeeeeeey!"