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  1. I just don't see why they should want to overpay him. 6 million is probably what he was worth in '13-14. Last year, maybe 4 million for what he brought? I just don't see him having a big enough season to justify paying him what you'd pay a game breaker. Couple that with his foot speed, his declining numbers and that you (almost) always over pay in free agency and it seems like a match made in hell. 6 x 4 should be the absolute limit if they HAVE to throw money at him. I guess if he really wants to come home he can take it. Or more likely he cashes in a team who maybe has legit shot at a cup, has built right and can 'afford' to overpay him. I say 'afford' because any team will regret paying Lucic 7+ million into his 30's but if they win a cup, it'll be acceptable
  2. The problem has nothing to do with Boston winning the cup. The problem is Vancouver is not in the position to contend. Especially with a second liner eating up first line money. The Canucks are in a bad cap spot already, with aging assets and very few 'true' impact players in the pipeline (and even that's come a long way!) I like Lucic as a complimentary player. He's big he's mean and he should be able to chip in 25+25 but to give him 7 million until he's 35 would be nuts for this team. You build a team with young talent and surround them with costly veterans to take your shots. Vancouver had their shots from '07-'12. Now it's time to refill the cupboards with young talent and maybe in 2-3 years you're in the position to shell out too much money and term for a player may put you over the top. Milan probably isn't that player anymore. His numbers have dropped every year for 4 years and power forwards don't age gracefully. It's a pass for me
  3. When I see a player whose goal and point totals continue to trend down, culminating with 18 goals and 44 points... I don't throw 7 million dollars at him. I won't be shocked if JB does, I just think it's a foolish way to build a team that isn't near contending. Now if a team like The Islanders or the Ducks throw that kind of money and term at him, I still think they regret it, but at least they're going all in to win a cup, not make the playoffs.
  4. 5 years 5 million? Okay I guess. Why does this team need a slow, depreciating asset for 7x7? They don't. The Canucks are not contenders now or in the next couple years. Do it right, create cap space by drafting high and getting good young players on ELC's or nice bridge deals. Then when they're ready to be prime time players, blow your cap space on a veteran or two to push you over the top. It's not rocket science.
  5. If you read the title correctly or the OP, you'd see it's talking about his offensive game and recognizes his accomplishments in both the playoffs and international tournaments. After posting 59 points in '09-10, he hasn't topped 46. I'd say it's fair to ask if he can raise his game to that, or higher, levels.
  6. I wonder if we'll see Sutter loosen the reins if the team doesn't get off to a quick start? If he doesn't try a new game plan in the face of adversity he may be out of a job (which could be great for Doughty's offence). I'm sticking with my guns though and predicting a 50+ point season and being another Norris finalist. He's so good that he can be dominate in the defensive zone, play 28 minutes a night and still light the lamp. We've all seen him do it, and im saying he does it on a consistent basis this coming season
  7. Hey all, I'm curious to hear what your thoughts are about Drew Doughty and the LA Kings for next year. This is a player who has widely been consider one of the the best all-around defensmen since he took off during his sophomore season. Last year, he produced the second highest point totals of his career (46) and ended up second in Norris voting. All this while his team had a down-year and his peripheral offensive stats were a little down as well. (Only 1 pp goal, shooting and on-ice shooting percentage were down..) I believe his personal and on-ice shooting percentage will come back to the norm or rise above this coming season, as will the team's Powerplay numbers. LA as a team should be better off with Lucic over Williams, Toffoli is a year older, Kopitar and Carter are still within their prime windows and the KIngs as a whole finally had an off season to recoup and train hard. Couple that with the motivation of being a defending champ who missed the playoffs and I see a recipe for a big bounce back year from Doughty, Quick and the gang. What do you all think? Is 60 points an unrealistic number for Drew or will he see his numbers continue to rise? Or will he simply continue to be a dominate player but make his offensive mark during the playoffs and tournaments ? Will he take another step and become an elite fantasy Dman?
  8. Don't mind the peanut gallery. You can't measure a player simply by their production, but you didn't simply focus on numbers, you included defensive awareness, lineup situations and reasonable expectations. I would agree with almost all of your targets.
  9. I love the optimism, and I actually like the pick myself.. but its still a seventh round pick. I won't be counting on him developing into a great player because so very few players taken in the later rounds become even 'decent' players by NHL standards (100+ career NHL games). I will however pay attention to his development and hope to see positive steps and maybe one day he'll progress into an NHL player. Counting on greatness from any newly drafted player is high hopes.. counting on greatness from a seventh rounder is setting yourself up for disappointment.
  10. I'd say thats about right. To make the playoffs, they'll need solid goaltending, secondary scoring and some good health luck. To fall down to 12th, shaky goaltending and little secondary scoring.
  11. Edit* Fixed that for yah A yeah my bad.. what were we thinking.
  12. Chris Pronger was drafted in 1993.. since then, many, many, many defensemen have been drafted with far superior skills than Tate Olsen and not a single one has turned into the next Pronger. Temper expectations. Especially with a 7th rounder
  13. High and wide I'm ok with some of the time. What I dislike is 'crest-shots'. When a guy wears out a goalie's logo, it shows me he doesn't have the time, space or wherewithal to move the angle and get the shot to a corner. Virtanen appeared to have more cresters this past season and that could be explained by missing a summer of training and losing the repetition. Like you said, its a skill that improves with practice. Jared's shot is just so heavy and his release is so quick. I'm very excited to see how he looks during TC this fall. I have a feeling he'll be turning many heads.
  14. ^^^^ Okay, we are officially best buddies! My responses to those questions are as follows.. 1) I was a big proponent of adding Nylander to the organization. I felt that this team needed an heir apparent to Henrik and he was the closet thing available. I of course thought like others and hoped that one of the top 5 teams went off the board a bit and let Bennett or LD fall to #6, but c'est la vie. I actually had it ranked as First choice: A top 5 faller. Second choice: Nylander. Third choice: Ehlers and fourth choice: Virtanen. A distant last would have been Ritchie. 2) When they drafted Virtanen, I was content. From all reports, it seemed like JB would grab the powerful home-town kid and that made a lot of sense for a lot of reasons. LA had just won its second cup in 3 years with the meat and potatoes style that the Canucks lack(ed). My thoughts were, "He's big, he's crazy fast, he sniped 45 goals in his draft year and hey.. the kid is one of the youngest in the whole draft! I'm okay with that." 3) My all-time favourite is so tough, but I like to ask people that just to get an eye into what they deem to be of the highest quality of player. For me I always loved Mario Lemieux; in my mind he was the most talented player that I ever got to see up close and personal. However, I'm a little young to have witnessed all his greatness so I defer to Burnaby Joe. Sakic's ability to rise to any occasion and his consummate professionalism made him seem almost super-human. His skills, his accolades, his constant abuse of the Canucks and that deadly snap shot were a reminder of how lucky we all were to watch individuals like him, Stevie Y, Forsberg, Jagr and Lemieux... play every night. To me, the 1990's represented a period of greatness for the NHL. Maybe because I was a kid when it all happened, but there just seemed to be so many HOF's and so much excitement. Good times. Oh and Pizza is never the wrong answer. Pizza is my cure-all.