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  1. I totally agree. The whole quote was taken way out of context. From all accounts he’s good in the room and plays for his teammates. It’s apparent watching him that he doesn’t have that extra step that you need in Green’s system but he’s rarely out of position. Predictable? Yes. Dependable Yes. A play driver, absolutely not. People need to get off judging him off his salary, for what it’s worth, we can fit him under the cap and he’ll be a dependable defensive winger who plays really good positionally on the PK. If we taper expectations to 10-15 goals and good defensive play, I hope he can win some fans back. The best case scenario is we move him and his contract but if that’s not able to happen, we as fans should support him and hope he can pot a couple big goals throughout the season to make a difference in tight games. This whole offseason charade hopefully lights a fire under him and we see the best Ericsson.
  2. One thing from your post (thanks for all the work you put into it) is moving Bo to second PP unit. We’ve never had a second unit that could be a real threat for quite some time. It’s usually due to them coming on after a clear out and having to start from their own end and gain entry. If we have Bo & Quinn spearheading the second unit it could substantially help in that regard. We’ve seen Bo gain the zone all on his own a few times but with a drop off to Quinn being a real threat it could solve a lot of our second unit problems. This should be our thinking going into the season. With having two capable PP units, it will help our success rate and lead to that extra goal that we need to either finish off games or get that all important tying goal. We have a glut of forwards who are capable of playing in the PP now. We need to spread it out. First Unit can be Edler with #40 & #6 as one timer options, plug in some net front presence, for digging and retrieving pucks and the second unit can do more of a quick gain entry and go for an early scoring chance. All the while having Bo be on the ice when the returning opponent returns to the ice, if we don’t score before that happens. This opinion is in the same line of your thinking when it comes to spreading out the talent we now have. Cheers.
  3. I’m super happy with the Ferland signing it’s about time we employ a hard forchecking style, it going to go a long ways towards giving our skilled players more turnovers to jump on. We were lacking both Ferland and Millers skillset. I’m happy JB picked up these two players.
  4. I beg to differ, Edler was our best defence-man last year, hands down. It’s not even close. I truly don’t understand how someone can put Stetcher in the same realm? Edler was head and shoulders above Stetcher offensively and much more competent defensively & on the PK. Why doesn’t Edler get any respect on here? Especially since he just became our franchise leading scorer. I really like Troy as a player and I’m happy with his growth but let’s not put him on Edlers level. I was also very happy to see Stetcher make Team Canada for the WHC but he was sheltered and practically sat durning the last 10 minutes of the important games. You can blame AV for his coaching decisions but he was not playing exceptionally well defensively.
  5. Just a thank you to him! I’m here in Herning Denmark whatching the World Championships. I’ve been yelling in the Team Canada (Peters) coaches ear to play BO more!! He’s literally getting very little ice time out here. Vancouver born and raised and I’ll recommend the World Hockey Championships to any hockey loving fan! This is truly amazing! Oh ya! back to #40 he was sick in the Swedish game I saw in Copenhagen, such bad luck... Gord Downie once wrote a song.. ”It can’t be Nashville every night” Pettersson is going to be a star...{microphone drop}
  6. Any Swedish fan who has contributed to this thread PM me He’s going to be a terrific player, no doubt!
  7. It’s the Petterson thread! Why don’t you guys just PM each other? I hope when Elias gets here, he takes the #40 I’ve always liked that number on a player. I would get his # & name on a jersey pronto.
  8. First off, how about that Petterson! I believe he will be a very special player for the Canucks as soon as next season. He’s far exceeding my expectations and he’s looking like he’ll quite possibly get a chance to showcase his skill in the Olympics & World Championships this up coming year. back to the topic at hand haha I was a Giants season ticket holder in 2010 and was lucky enough to attend Canada versus Switzerland in the 2010 Olympics. I remember thinking how crazy it was that this young defensmen, whom I’d be following (armchair scouting) was one week playing against WHL players in Langley (against the Giants as they played a handful of games out of the Pacific Coliseum due to The Olympics) then a couple weeks later, was up against quite possible the best team ever assembled. I mean, even sheltered as a bottom pairing young defensman, he was going up against a third & fourth line of the best players playing the game at that time.
  9. I believe Sbisa did it, could very well be mistaken, as I’m going in sheer memory. I believe he played Junior hockey, got a emergency call up to the Flyers and played against the Worlds best that year (2010) in the Olympics. Not sure of his world junior status as the Swiss team might have not qualified that year. That would be my best guess..
  10. Ya I can't wait! Up The Irons!!!

  11. Love the avatar! Cya there June 24!

  12. I like your goal song idea.....much better than the current one. Oh well they can't please everyone I guess ;)

  13. Yeah, you're right. The Canucks finished way better than the kings this season. They must definitely have a far superior roster than the kings... I guess ending up with one more point than your opponent means a lot...

    Direct quote from you and you have plenty of dumber ones. How can you be even a sports fan when you can't even read a leaderboard. One point.....you fail grade one math.

  14. So what exactly do you mean when you say Canadian ignorance? I guess by me reading your uneducated posts that makes me a ignorant Canadian I guess,you can generalize,if you want but it doesn't make you any smarter. I'd say the same thing to a Canadian who posts weak not well thoughtout post,this is not a nationality issue. Just face the facts...you were trolling and you got caught.