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  1. [PGT] Past, Present, Future: Canucks 3, Panthers 2

    Fun fact. At every Rangers home game someone blows a whistle and the whole crowd yells "Potvin Sucks"!  It's been going on for 30 plus years. Check up on it. It's a really good story. Hey if 20 000 Rangers fans agree with us, we might be on to something.
  2. Lack of hitting one of our BIGGEST problems

    I find sometimes the players are instructed to not hit at ever oportunity, due to long road trips excessive travel and the overall wear and tear it has on the team as a whole. Once the team has started hitting it incites the other team to more as well. With an 82 game season you must be weary of playing in too many of them playoff style contest. The last game against the Wild is a perfect example where I saw a few players who usually finish their checks, do fly bys. This leads me to believe that they were instructed to tame it down a small bit, within reason of course.
  3. [PGT] Canucks 3 Kings 0

    To defend the previous poster, I noticed at least once where he seemed to not know which directon to go in the D-zone and the Centre had to cover the point. That will happen though. His positioning will improve with more games played.
  4. [GDT] Canucks @ Kings Oct. 13/2015 7:30PM SNV

    It's the Kings broadcasters birthday I'm watching the Kings feed and they showed him blowing out the birthday cake.
  5. This is getting frustrating. Okay, yes Vey has under preformed at times but to put some younger players ahead of him because of one or two showings is unfair. Vey has proven to be point per game in the AHL along with solid WHL numbers, also had a pretty decent season last year for a rookie. Lets cut him just the tiniest bit of slack. You're frothing out of the mouth for the youngins is showing.
  6. The morning after: Clean-up efforts at Pemberton

    I'm sorry but I have to pipe in here. Having attended quite a few huge festivals around the world + some of our local festivals. This is what you get... you pay huge cost to attend (much like a hockey game or to a lesser extent a movie) and the cleanup is included in the ticket price. As an experienced festival camper I always have garbage bags for the 3 day binge fest that I know it turns into. Garbage cans always full up quick, so its hard to have the man power to remove them every hour on the hour. Plus people don't break anything down/flatten boxes etc... So I leave the bag's at the campsite and make it easier for the people that are hired to clean up after me. I feel their pain as it were. Now I can't defend the people leaving coolers, chairs and other big items as that is pure laziness but as far as bags and other items, that's what is in the cost. It's a part of the game. Let me put it in perspective. Go to any sporting event. See all the peanut shells on the ground? The burger platter half done slid under the seat? Why is that any different? Just because it's inside? In this case Huka entertainment knew exactly what they were signing up for. So did the city of Pemberton. Huka is going to put the right amount of resources on the ground to pick up every little piece of garbage so they can hold it without complications for next year. To make $$$. Do you see how this works? Much to do about nothing. Now have you ever seen Granville Mall on a Saturday night? See that's the trash cleanup that all of us pay for, that's more worthy of a thread..
  7. In Defence of Sbisa

    wow! you are what's wrong with this fanbase. Take the haterade and go sit in a corner. You'd probably bash a 25 yr old Lidstrom?
  8. I agree with a lot of what Apollo said. Hey, we surprised the doubters last year, this year's we'll do it again. Games will be tight all year and if we pull together some unlikely wins, we'll surely be in the mix. It's not always the best teams on paper that win. I'm all about the win by committee mantra. Lets aim for a strong push this year and entertain the fans that are with this team thick & thin.
  9. Canucks Fans Going To Calgary - Game 6

    Wow that photo in the link of the girl flashing on the Red Mile sure is creepy. Everyone with their phones out taking pictures. Lower back tatoo... ugh! Now it has been established that the rioters in Vancouver that day were made up of a majority of low lifes looking for an excuse to start $hit. The scum of the lower mainland commenced on Downtown and mob rule took over. It was a shame the best disguise was a Canuck jersey. Sure there was a whole bunch of Canuck fans that took part but by no means was it made up of all Canuck fans.
  10. Buying tickets from scalpers (Need Advice)

    Just say you have $80 per ticket. That's all, make sure you have it together (aside from your other money's) remember this is only a regular season game. Should go for cost. Never have trouble getting them for cost in the regular season. Drive a hard bargain, there won't be many people buying for tonight, most people are saving their money for the playoffs. In the end you have the power $ It helps if you aren't dressed in a jersey looking like your only plan is to go to that game at that perticular night. Listen to your surroundings, assess the situation and stand firm. If they say "ya right, good luck" tell them you'll be here when they want your $160 chances are they'll come back to you. This is a throw away game for them. Also, don't listen to the people who say wait till after the game starts, it's Gino's game! We need every seat filled for him. P.S. don't go over $100 not worth it. That's when they win and it contributes to the problem. Remember always be respectful.
  11. [Recall] Sven Baertschi Recalled by Vancouver

    when he first came in it was"kiss" simple, he shot first and guess what? It went in. He needs to get back to that, a little sit might do some good. As for Sven, great time to enter him in and see what he brings. This is the best era that I can remember that we actually have reinforcements to slot in. Love it! Best of luck Bart!
  12. Average Vancouver home will cost $2.1 Million by 2030

    Long time reader long time poster. So .... What happens when .. It all goes away? The false $ I guess we keep working away. Weird. speaking as a Canadian? Legit Canadian?
  13. No Hearing for Toffoli

    So Toffoli scores for the Kings in a game he shouldn't be playing in. It's pretty clear now, the NHL will do everything in their power to ensure the Kings make the playoffs. Scored on a 5 on 3 that was created by a obvious dive. The way the Kings clutch and grab you'd think it was playoffs and ready. Lets hope Toffoli learns from this non suspension and doesn't dangerously injure and ready none in the future. Burrows seems to be getting the rep as a guy you can take libertys with. It's been a clear blind headshot, Toffoli's boarding crosscheck and the crosscheck to the head. That's just off the top of my head.
  14. GDT - Columbus Blue Jackets @ Vancouver Canucks

    Big third here for the Canucks!
  15. Do you think Nick Bonino is a 2nd line Center?

    He needs power players with him. If he finesse's with finess players he's absulete. He can be that second line player but he needs the right complementary players. He does not drive the line like you'd hope a second line certre to do (ala Kes) and he needs the right fit. Unfortunate as it is, we don't have the personel. Streaky scorer, we need him to streak large now down the streatch.