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  1. Is anyone familiar with the South Okanogan Arena, I have seats, row one in the Gasoline Alley section. Where is that located compared to the Ice level/location? Thanks : )
  2. Think it's going to be #21 Hope it's going to be #33 Stoked if it's #53
  3. I've been to that spot, beautiful! Don't worry I won't tell anyone where it is... I think we can just brush this off from a fan perspective, if he starts trending in a wrong direction then we can get worried. This is the problem nowadays with instant information, years ago we would have never heard of this violation that happened halfway around the world. He's 20 years old and thinks like a 20 year old. That's what I chalk it up to.
  4. First of all, beginning a post with "lol" shows the intelligence we're working with here, secondly, why don't I have my season tickets & take a nice vacation. You do realize that there's two teams on the ice? As a hockey fan, I love watching live hockey, thus I feel privileged to be able to attend games of the sport I love, in the best league in the world. I'm sure you'll be a fan again in a couple of years, after your ankle surgery from repeated jumps on and off the bandwagon. -Please don't post in this thread anymore. Thank you in advance.
  5. I believe that they have a bounce back year this season and preform well. After their contracts are up, they'll sign one year deals till they choose to leave the game. Their next deal will be more than the consensus amount the majority of CDC'ers believe that they're worth, but it will be fair money for what they currently provide. It'll be bedlam on these boards when they sign for 4 & an half. I'd still see that as being fair, even if they play third line minutes. The true value they provide would never be known by anyone who doesn't share a locker room with them. I believe, moving forward, their leadership and core values will resonate in that room for at least a decade after they've retired.
  6. Yes, I went, very enjoyable! Two drink tickets and a food voucher + frees snack all around the concourse. Props to ownership for footing the bill. First class. game was fun, Petterson was a step ahead of everyone very very skilled.
  7. To those who dis the Team non stop, keep doing your thing : ) I love reading the different opinions! It makes for great discussion. I'm on board, I like what the management is doing, I see the light.. the tunnel is not too far. {rose coloured glasses}
  8. As a STH I'm stoked! I'll love reading this board, Ericsson pots a bunch of goals before Christmas, #22 & #33 have bounce back years and we have a competitive team I'm happy! lets be real, I know where this team's at.. but it's not as doom and gloom as a lot of the posters would tell you. The new additions will compliment our blue & green. Should be fun to watch!!! Love the signings!! Good work : )
  9. In regards to Ferraro's comments & futhrrmore, as someone who goes to all home games, just win baby! It has an affect on team moral and gives us promise for the future! I like this signing, put pucks in the net is the MO and he could gel with any of our young players. He's proven to provide offense, which we're in dire need of. low risk signing on top of the fact, if he preforms, he's a valuable asset for a team heading to the playoffs in a year or two (hope we're that team mind you) as a trade. This is a good fit. I'm 100% on board!!!
  10. I was very happy with my relocation last night. 308 which was the section I was looking for, last row (12) which is fine for now. Jumped across the rink, I believe the 306-309 end is better for washroom and food/bevy access.
  11. You know the officiating is slanted when they call that penalty on #87 good job refs, make the call when it barely matters...
  12. Not only is it a small sample size, if memory serves me, our level of competition dramatically improved durning that losing stretch. He is important to this team nonetheless.
  13. Good luck back in Europe Drew! The NHL's Shore quota was maxed anyways.
  14. Hey! I had that card! Thanks op for the thread
  15. I remember thinking durning the world juniors a number of years back that if Ellis can bring that style of play to the NHL level, it'd be fun to watch. Glad it's happening now.