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  1. Blair Shapera doea bespoke suits. I bought a suit very close to the one you have just this week. It's getting taken in a bit and I should have it on Thursday. Not many suit companies have a slender/slim fit. You can find the Hugo Boss SLine suits at Harry Rosen. They start at around 2000 dollars. Really nice. I went a big slimmer and got the Dolce and Gabbana martini line suit. Black. It's my 3rd one. I have black, charcoal and a blue like the one you posted. They start at around 2500 for the base model to 4900 for the martini gold line. After all was said and done I paid 4000 for my suit, tie and shirt. All from D&G Martini line. I'll try and post a picture of it when I go to the wedding this weekend.
  2. Oh. Lastly. My buddy is taking Clen right now and man is he shedding fat like a mofo. So tempting when you see somebody make gains like that. I bet he will lose 8 pounds of pure fat in 2 weeks.
  3. Lower body: Still slowly building my way back up from my SI joint injury. Front squats. Leg curls. Leg extensions. Lunges. 1 leg pistol squats with trx. Calve raises.
  4. I work out 4 days a week. I just do a upper body and lower body. 1 day of each is heavy weights. I day of each is lower weights with higher reps. Upper: One Arm dumbell rows. One arm lat pull down. Pull ups. Incline bench. Flat bench. Military press. Curls. Skull crushers. I do floor flattners and smr my chest with a lacrosse ball btwn most sets.
  5. I did see the video with my own eyes. 16th floor. Level apartments. 8 guys walk in. Burrows included. Kesler, another Canucks go upstairs with 3 other guys. Some words are said. No mic. Kes gets thrown in the elevator and absolutely served.
  6. I guess I lied and photoshopped all the pictures I had of the Canucks Halloween costumes. I guess the pictures I had of OBrien snorting yayo out of Rachel Starrs butthole were all fake. I've posted a million things about them.
  7. Story will leak in the next few days as will the video... But, Kesler and another Canuck were in a fist fight at the Level hotel/apartments. I won't say who. You'll all see.
  8. Physiotherapist said my SI joint is in perfect alignment and has full range of motion. Lower back strain/stiffness is from over resting. For 6 weeks: No deads. No prob. No squats. Sucks. No barbell rows. Brutal. I love them. Oh well. Seems I'm over the acute phase. Just need to use the area lightly.
  9. 23 pounds in 5 weeks? Yikes. Goodbye sweet lean muscle.
  10. 4-6 reps for strength gain and size.
  11. Describe area pain is in. What kind of pain.
  12. SI Joint injury. DOing deadlifts.
  13. Oh. For HIIT I do deadtreads. You go on a treadmill and run on the track and make it move without any engine help. Machine should be off. 15 seconds running. 45 recovery. 13-16 min and I'm gassed.
  14. Went to a massage therapist twice this week. Man. Getting butt massages is so awesome. Who knew? Elbow with good amount of pressure = Heaven. Got 2 visits to physio next week. Let's see how that goes. Should be back to working out by March I would hope. Gonna take my time with this injury. Scared me quite a bit.