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  1. I was at that game last night and it was a decent crowd actually. But like other people have stated, this isn't Montreal. You're just not going to get the hockey crazy fans in the million dollar seats (the ones shown on tv - cost me $550 for two seats to a three hour sporting match...) I was 4 rows off the glass, and I was loud (chirping Wideman and Colborne through the glass, cheering and yelling) and people around you in their suits just kinda stare at you and some will even tell you to sit down. What's shown on TV shouldn't be a reflection of the entire arena - because up top in the affordable seats where all the young, rowdy (a lot of drunk) people are - that's where the fun is at. Honestly, I sat by the glass because my girl had never sat that close, so for the experience I figured we'd do it - but now I never have to sit down there again. It's depressing being surrounded by suits, crackberrys, and people with a lot of money but no passion for the team or game. I would MUCH rather sit up top where everyone who cares and can afford to go can watch.
  2. Y U ALL MAD? Benning just traded a 2nd rounder (where we could have drafted a player like.... Baertschi?) and sped up the retooling process. You should all be glad we don't have to "REBUILD" (like Calgary??????) Be happy. This is a great trade.
  3. We'll be buyers only if it makes sense. You won't see Benning take the Gillis approach (a la Derek Roy or Sammy Pahlsson) because Benning is aware that we're still not contenders. Bringing in rental players was something Gillis liked to do a little too much. Benning will stay the course - as he should. Don't expect any big names coming this way (maybe a role player or two). For the first time since 2011, I'm very excited about this team.
  4. Honestly, I only ever visit Eklund's site to have a good chuckle at his "INSIDERS" and all the people that follow him on that site. Seriously, how in the hell can someone pull this stuff out of their ass and still have such a loyal following? Has he ever called a trade before it's happened?
  5. You are an insane person if you think Tanev is a top pairing defenceman. He is a top 4 - no way he is a top pairing.
  6. Miller for a first? Are you high?
  7. Bieksa being from that area probably doesn't mean much - not at his age and this stage of his career. He has made Vancouver his home (wife, kids, etc). If he was in his early 20's... Maybe.
  8. Eklund is my source.
  9. I know no ones reading this far into this thread.... But..........
  10. 1-2 games, okay fine... 4 games for romer? bah.

    1. Sully2Cool


      i agree with you 4 games is too much he should have gotten at least 1 to 2 games.

    2. Booth's Snapback

      Booth's Snapback

      not the suspension that irks me - it's the nhl's inconsistency in penalizing players for their actions.