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  1. [Trade] Sven Baertschi to Canucks

    Y U ALL MAD? Benning just traded a 2nd rounder (where we could have drafted a player like.... Baertschi?) and sped up the retooling process. You should all be glad we don't have to "REBUILD" (like Calgary??????) Be happy. This is a great trade.
  2. 1-2 games, okay fine... 4 games for romer? bah.

    1. Sully2Cool


      i agree with you 4 games is too much he should have gotten at least 1 to 2 games.

    2. Booth's Snapback

      Booth's Snapback

      not the suspension that irks me - it's the nhl's inconsistency in penalizing players for their actions.