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  1. You sir, are an idiot.
  2. That is brutal!! Haha. Sorry duder.
  3. On your "use the farm team" point, change Johnson for Rypien and you have me sold. Good number crunching and a good read. Thanks!
  4. oh lol, sorry! ahaha i knew it was legit in the beggning. but the poster under urs, was sarcastic, i i thought maybe urs was to, and i fell for it but i guess i didnt : )

  5. Its not the games where they score seven that we say they need scoring. they could have won those games with four, or three, or two. Its the games where they score none or one and we lose by one after luongo plays out of his mind. That is what is putting us fans on edge. Its not that we dont have scoring, its the timeliness of the scoring. We believe. Go Canucks Go!