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  1. He's obviously going to warg into a dragon that Jon Snow will end up riding into battle alongside his new bride, Daenerys.... just mindless speculation of course.
  2. Gaunce could be called up anytime, allowing McCann to develop his NHL game instead of being sent back to the SSM Greyhounds. It's a good move for both players, especially Gaunce who was switched to wing by management to force him to get in on the forecheck, play grittier and develop his board skills, which in the end was to make him a better center man. It's beginning to look like the time he spent on the wing is paying off and he could be in the opening roster next season. The kid's a beauty!
  3. FTF kicks ass. I've seen them live at the Cobalt a few times. Mel is a fvcking goddess!
  4. Ya canucksfor2012, I like the balance of that line up. Rookies playing with vets, smaller guys playing with big bodies. Eventually I see Sutter returning to a top 6 roll once he gets his feet back. Him playing with the Sedins again would make the most sense as it would allow Horvat to Continue to develop on the second line. The only problem with that is it leaves us pretty thin down the middle and our bottom six looking not as strong on paper. Sedin Sedin Sutter Baertschi Horvat Hansen Vey McCann Etem Dorsett Cracknell Virtanen Kenins/Grenier/Gaunce
  5. I kept Burr in the line up because I'm thinking with my heart instead of my head. I do like the idea of Gaunce playing with the Canucks sooner rather than later on that 4th line. His experience at center could force McCann to the wing. McCann Gaunce Dorsett is a line I wouldn't mind down the stretch. They could easily get 12 to 15 minutes a night.
  6. Sedin Sedin Hansen Baertschi Horvat Virtanen Vey Sutter Etem Burrows McCann Dorsett Cracknell/Kenins/Grenier/Gaunce Vrbata and Prust traded for picks and or prospects
  7. The bleak and the gray create the atmosphere of Deadwood. It's not a western without a dark dusty saloon. The reason the Wire is so good is because it wasn't about action. I loved the show because of the way it made me care about the characters and their struggles. Imperfect people trying to survive in an imperfect situation. Do yourself a favour and watch the rest of the series. As for Jessica Jones, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. If you're in to psychological thrillers then check out Hannibal. Well cast, good dialogue, and beautifully grotesque imagery.
  8. Trade Vrbata, Prust and Higgins for picks at the deadline. Sedin Sedin Hansen Baertschi Horvat Burrows McCann Sutter Virtanen Kenins Cracknell Dorsett Vey
  9. The match between Bayley and Banks was the best thing the ladies division has done in a very long time. With that being said, it still doesn't come close to the Trish/Lita matches.
  10. Can't blame the kid for trying to pump up his team, especially with the atmosphere in the crowds the way it was. You got to give him credit for dodging that tag though. That was a great play by him. Go Jays Go!
  11. Lol. I want to hear the chinese guy say "Swidgen!" again. Cracked me up everytime he said it.
  12. Is this a Deadwood or best HBO drama thread?
  13. This movie has 'theatre shooting' written all over it.
  14. Kick ass job! Did you consider just having NTC or NMC written in instead of those boxes?