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  1. oh wait... The line not only serves Vancouver but connects people who transfer from the skytrain coming from Burnaby, Surrey, New West and Richmond, and soon Coquitlam and Port Moody.
  2. It's really not worth the money if you compare the time it will take for a LRT train to go down Broadway compared to 99Bline. The times are quite similar. If UBC is willing to contribute a substantial amount of funding, I don't think they'll be a problem having RRT all the way to UBC. RRT to UBC would definitely be built if Translink had unlimited funds. Even if they don't build all the way to UBC, it's still a step in the right direction in connecting and improving the transit network. Nevertheless, biarticulated buses will never ever happen down Broadway unless all the lanes are designated for BUSES only, but that won't ever happen until the day Skytrain runs through every street in Vancouver or we are able to teleport... from say Surrey to UBC in the blink of an eye... Everyone knows it's going to be RRT, just whether it's going to be a combo or all the way to UBC.
  3. How about get the councillors to learn to drive a biarticulated bus.. and then make them drive down Broadway during rush hour... or how about from an automobile driver's perspective. Have them trail a bi articulated bus during rush hour down Broadway. It'll be hell. Imagine if the bus changed lanes on the already cramped Broadway streets. I'll tell you what's a long term solution Tim Louis, RRT under Broadway. Any combo involving RRT also works. Frees up all those bline buses to serve other areas.
  4. Problem with best bus is it doesn't work long term. In 20 years, when even more people use the service, you'll be running buses every minute or more. Also, if RRT is built, they won't be looking at doing anything to improve transit on Broadway. Whereas with best bus, they'll have to revisit this issue in the future and who knows how long that'll take?
  5. I'm sure some of the posters who post in this thread might be on this other forum that extensively covers infrastructure in Vancouver. They discussed this and it has to do with maximizing the time between trains. The forum that talks about this is probably googleable.. (if that's a word)
  6. I'll take a 40 year old Bertuzzi over CANUCKLELION anyday.
  7. There's no need for sarcasm. I was responding to you who suggested that the express bus run all day. I didn't suggest that, you did. Obviously we're never going to agree on how Translink should spend their money, but we can agree that Translink has lots of projects and improvements they could be doing if they had the funding. And I rather not start the "how we should fund Translink" debate again.
  8. The 43 express bus doesn't even run all day...
  9. Peter Dinklage is so good in his role as Tyrion Lannister.. his acting is so captivating.
  10. Yep I agree. Similar to how the 480 runs down 41st Ave and turns at Granville, so in other words, someone could take that instead of waiting for a 41 or 49 bus. I understand what you're saying. Problem is, all the bus routes are busy and I'm not here to argue whether or not something is considered "bline" or not. That doesn't matter. What matters is that we can the right infrastructure to move people around the city of Vancouver and its suburbs both efficiently and effectively. I have no problem with expanding into Surrey, the problem is, you're suggesting we add even more buses to the 99Bline route. They're running every 2 minutes at peak times and the buses are still all full. Do you recommend they order more buses so they run every minute? UBC is an educational institution that will be there for years to come. The student population is getting bigger and bigger. The skytrain line will provide service to UBC for many many years. The buses can then be placed elsewhere, say Surrey... I'm pretty sure Translink has already planned for a skytrain to UBC by bored tunnel. There's just no funding and they need to go over the specifics. Please don't ever suggest cut and cover near busy parts of the city ever again.
  11. There is no bline on 41st avenue. There's an express bus. Pass ups if departing from Joyce station start at Main Street. So people on Main Street don't get to get on half the time. 480 from Richmond is another route to UBC but it's a long trip. Every bus route is busy and that's expected, but the demand is there, but not enough buses. Why do you insist on expanding outwards when essential service can't even be maintained and the demand is definitely there. If translink had enough funding, this shouldn't even be a problem. UBC, extension in Surrey, and whatever south of fraser stuff you want should be all built.
  12. If they are extending the skytrain west, it'll be going all the way to UBC. That's the plan and that's what they are trying to budget for. That will be the terminus station and where many rush hour users will be arriving/departing from. They aren't going to be doing it in segments. The line is long overdue. Just take a 99 bus any time of the day and you'll understand.
  13. That doesn't work for 99 bline.. it's always busy. Leaving earlier doesn't help since people have have classes 30 mins earlier will be on those buses.
  14. You had too much to drink. Please go to bed.