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  1. Burrows has a knack for scoring huge goals in giant games like tonights. I'm fully expecting to come back here when he does
  2. atta boy burrows!!!!!!
  3. it goes without saying but hell I had to come on here and say it anyway... ATTA BOY BURROWS!!!
  4. ATTA BOY BURROWS!!!!!!!!! :D!!!!!!
  5. I know I'm late but I didn't have a chance earlier... ATTA BOY BURROWS!
  6. i actually don't like that its pinned! I love seeing it bumped every game ! Either way Go BURROWS Go!
  7. HAT TRICK!!!!!!! ATTA BOY BURROWS!!!!!!!!!!
  8. they've given it to Daniel for now, but that clearly went off of Burrows and in! Either way he was very involved! ATTA BOY BURROWS!
  9. Yes! I expect this thread to be bumped a record number of times this season! Atta Boy Burrows!
  11. I love it, I still get the biggest grin on my face every time I see this thread. It's gotten to a point that when the excitement over a Burrows goal dies down the first thing I think is how someone is going to bump this and I have a good chuckle!
  12. I say this every few goals but i LOVE that this thread gets bumped so much... I ABSOLUTELY love it... keep going Burrows!
  13. agreed with everyone else, it needs to be pinned. The only reason I would be against pinning is... i still get a laugh EVERY time it gets bumped ... like a lot!
  14. i love that we bump this every time! gotta love burrows!
  15. Fix You is the best song ever written.