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  1. This is maybe the best thread ever in history.
  2. I've never felt this good about the Blue Jays at all in the last 15 years. I think this could be their year, if all goes well.
  3. Missed me.
  4. Is awake at 1:30PM!!?? (Alberta time)
  5. Has warned me not to take that seriously.
  6. Is The Great Honey Badger.
  7. Needs a sig
  8. Is probably sexy.
  9. Had an insane party without me it seems O.o
  10. Posts almost as much as Vintage Canuck
  11. Supports the Nyan-Nuck
  12. Probably can't show his face in Dallas anymore.
  13. Should stalk Caboose.
  14. Hasn't cracked 1000 posts yet
  15. Is a mole