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  1. Miller is our $6M dollar man. If he is ready he will get the start. Lack has played well down the stretch but he's only got 82 games of NHL regular season experience and zero experience in playoff games. Miller on the other hand has a proven track record in the playoffs and he's being paid to be the number one, not sit on the bench, so he will play.
  2. Prediction: LA wins all 5 of their remaining games ending with 100pts Calgary goes 2-2 ending with 95pts Van goes 2-2 ending with 99pts and third in the Pacific slated to play LA in the first round. I hope this doesn't happen but looking at LA's schedule I think they can steam roll all those teams (Canucks included) Whether Calgary makes it or not will depend on how the Jets and Wild do.
  3. Cool story bro, but you're reading way too far into WD's motivations and making a lot of assumptions. WD has said that guys that play well (in their role) get rewarded with more ice time. Guys that don't get benched. Obviously the Vrbata/ Bonino/ Higgins line is going right now so they're getting more ice time. The twins have gone cold so they're getting less. I can assure you that if the twin line was putting up points and winning hockey games for us right now WD wouldn't be 'resting' them.
  4. Kassian was a total no show tonight. He looked invisible out there. When is WD going to give him some top 6 minutes to aid in his development?
  5. I say don't wear them simply because they are ugly. They may have been cool 100 years ago (maybe) but in this day and age the striped arms and beige hockey pants just look tacky.
  6. I wouldn't mind seeing the twins split up for a dozen games just to try it out. Maybe go with Vrbata-Sedin-Hansen Burrows-Bonino-Sedin That way both lines have a playmaker, a net front presence, and a sniper.
  7. Are you guys kidding me? Clearly Clendening > Forsling. He is going to be the face of the franchise in a very short time. Give him 3 games and he'll be wearing the 'C'. you can quote me on that. The only question is whether we retire his number now or wait a few more years....
  8. @Fateless. Matthias is a non-impact player. He is invisible out there. Every time he gets the puck in a scoring area nothing happens. He's 27 years old so he should be in his prime. Is this as good as he is going to get? He gets paid 1.75M which is more than Dorsett and slightly less than Bonino (1.9M). Two players who have much more impact on the outcome of the game than he does. He reminds me of David Booth. Need I say more?
  9. Vey was an excellent addition. He's just a rookie yet stepped right in and immediately looked right at home in the NHL. He is only going to continue to improve as he gains more experience and reaches his prime. He'll be at least a 2nd liner in 2-3 seasons time. Vrbata was a great pickup as he is a finisher and I'm neutral about Miller. I think he's a little over paid but he's a good goalie. I want to see Matthias and Kassian go. Those guys are both dead weight.
  10. Does anyone remember when Dank was injured for 20 games and Hank played just fine without him? It would be interesting to pull up the stats from those games. IIRC Henrik was still at a PPG even without his bro.
  11. I could totally see that happening OP. Maybe throw the twins in their and get even more draft picks!!! We don't really need any offense anyway. Next year WD can go with a top line of Jensen/Shinkaruk/Kassian and we'll win the Stanley Cup for sure!!!!! /sarcasm No way Vrbata goes. He's our leading goal scorer and has good chemistry with the twins. He is a finisher, something that they desperately need in a line mate. The twins are play makers not goal scorers. They each making $7m a season and without a finisher on their line they aren't really bringing a good return on investment. So from a business standpoint it would make no sense to trade Vrbata. It's like the saying goes, if it ain't broke don't fix it.
  12. Are you guys serious? Matthias is the 2nd coming of David Booth. A big power forward with all this potential who does absolutely nothing for the team right now. Forget the 2nd line, I see Matthias being traded before the deadline, hopefully for a finisher who can play with Bonino on the 2nd line and is a legit top 6.
  13. I do believe both AV and Torts tried Kassian on the first line with the twins when they were at the end of their rope and desperate to make something happen. It didn't work out so well. How many looks should this guy be given? I'm not saying trade him (yet) but putting him on the top line is ludicrous. The Sedin and Vrbata line has combined for about 30% of the teams goals this season. Why screw that up?
  14. Not sure why so many people have a h%rd-on for Kassian. He has potential just like every other player that is drafted every year. That's why they get drafter, because they have the potential to be a great NHL player. Insisting Kassian get top 6 minutes or play on the top line, or the 1PP in order to give him the opportunity to 'prove himself' is the equivalent of giving a rookie a $10m contract and then telling him to go out there and earn it. Obviously it doesn't work like that. You prove yourself then you get the minutes and the contracts, not the other way around. The way Kassian plays right now is deserving of a 3rd or 4th line role, nothing more.