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  1. Agreed. Expecting more than $6-6.5m when you are a 20 goal scorer with only two years experience under your belt is laughable. Let Brock shop around, he won't find any other teams willing to pay him $9-10m and the Canucks shouldn't either.
  2. That's exactly what I am thinking. Offer him a 2 year bridge deal at $6 to $6.5 and then reevaluate. He only has 140 games under his belt and is therefore not a proven talent yet.
  3. I'm guessing 10m+. Look at his stats. The guy is a superstar. The Nucks have the cap space, I'd love to see him signed to a 4 year deal.
  4. BJ's came out flat again, just like Game 1 vs Tampa. Hopefully they can turn this one around. Get some zone time and some momentum.
  5. It's looking more and more likely that the BJ's are going to the finals. Who's it going to be in the west? COL? STL?
  6. I don't think they called a penalty just for the hell of it, but rather a major instead of a 2 or 4 min possibly for those reasons.
  7. Oh come on. Who could have known they'd score 4 straight in 4 minutes. That has literally NEVER happened in the history of the NHL. What the refs were thinking after the Pavelski injury probably was "the games out of reach, we don't want this to get ugly. Give him a major and a game to make SJ focus on playing rather than gooning it up".
  8. WSH looks like they're playing a mid season afternoon game, not Game 7 OT. Get it together boys! You won't win by dumping the puck in and out all period long.
  9. Jones is extremely shaky in net. No way the Sharks get through the next round.
  10. Wtf, I love the Sharks now! Nah, I'm just kidding...but what a great game!
  11. Refs deciding games again. Same thing as the Jets game. The goaltender literally was having his glove held on to on the 2-1 goal and the refs didn't even talk it over, just called it a good goal. I've never been a fan of ref conspiracies but it's getting ridiculous lately.
  12. Eriksson for who? I'd be satisfied with a with a bag of pucks at this point, honestly.
  13. Whomever wins this series will be wiped out by Columbus next round, guaranteed.