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  1. Even when the pandemic subsides this is going to have long lasting effects on the industry. Firstly, with the economic uncertainty fans may not have the extra cash for playoff tickets anymore and, secondly, the stigma of large crowds being a threat won't go away anytime soon. Unfortunately I don't see the playoffs happening this year. It's a business after all and the tax writeoffs will outweigh the prospect of playing in half empty arenas.
  2. Lol. Okay buddy. It's the pot calling the kettle black I get it.
  3. Thanks man, I try.
  4. Nice reply. You have no argument. What your screen shot shows is that Jake's played every where from the 4th line to the 1st line....and????? So what?
  5. Well it's time for the old folks home for you then.
  6. Your reading comprehension isn't so good is it? Did you achieve a Grade 12 reading level in school? I'm guessing not. The qualifier in the first statement is "if anything", meaning had Jake been put on the PP earlier in the season he may have started to blossom even earlier this season. Potentially, but who knows? That's why I used the qualifier "if anything" so folks who can read would comprehend I wasnt saying definitively that Green was stifling Jake's development. SMDH. The CDC is turning into a lesson in the English language.
  7. Good lord, so much vitriol on this board. Hold a dissenting opinion and people want to burn you at the stake. No wonder Sabresfan1 left. What a cesspool the CDC has become. It's a shame.
  8. Virts played up and down the line up this season in Greens line blender. And? What facts are you eluding to Old Man? I said he played with Leivo and he played with Guadette. How is your link a rebuttal to that?
  9. Lol, no I'm not saying Green stifled Jake's development but I'm not saying he helped it either. Putting Jake on PP2 instead of Leivo was such an obvious no-brainer yet TG and his wonderful support staff didn't see it until a month ago when Leivo was out. I've always supported Jake as I saw a lot of potential there from day 1 and for the record I don't hate Green or anyone else. Why would you hate someone who you don't even know? That's just dumb. I don't think Green is the right man for the job based on his general 'status quo' attitude and his failure to address fundamental flaws in the overall system. So rather than squandering an opportunity with a talented group on a 'young' coach I'd rather have him replaced by someone with a proven track record who knows what it takes to win in this leauge because they've been there before. Nothing personal against Green, he seems like a nice enough guy, but, just like you shouldn't take your Lambo in to a Jiffy Lube to get serviced, you shouldn't put the future of your NHL franchise in the hands of an AHL coach. Maybe after the WD failure they should have realized that and not made the same mistake twice but that's water under the bridge now. Perhaps the best solution moving forward would be to demote him to assistant coach and bring in someone with some NHL head coach experience to mentor him.
  10. Okay, alright. Jake started getting PP time on 12/15, so it's been 15 games now not 6, my bad. As far as playing with Gaudette, if you recall, Guadette wasn't in the lineup for much of the season. Jake was playing with Leivo for most of it.
  11. Well yeah, because like I said his abilities didn't magically improve. He's still the same guy with the same deficiencies, he just performed better playing on a team with a better defensive system. He's never going to be a Chris Pronger but he played better in the Pens playoff series than he did as a Canuck.
  12. Lol, no like I said I've already posted in great detail the current systems and what can be done to change them at least 20 times. I'm not going to spend another hour typing out 10 paragraphs again for your benefit. Maybe later I can dig up a previous post and copy and paste it for you but right now I got stuff to do.
  13. Hughes and Miller are the X factor no one predicted working quite so well. Now that we've seen the new team dynamic the goal posts have moved. Why shoot for just making the playoffs? Seize the day! As the song goes, "the chance may never come again"
  14. I have posted the current systems, the problems with the current systems, and suggestions to improve the current systems at least 20 times now in these forums every time some yahoo makes the exact same claim you just did. I'm tired of repeating myself. Here's a very brief summary: passive defense, forwards too high on the breakout, static powerplay.
  15. I think someone from the Canucks staff is on the forums. Its probably the Director of Social Media or something similar so they can gauge fan sentiment but our voices do get heard and if we scream loud enough our message will be relayed to the highest echelons of the organization.