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  1. The timing of the line changes is also atrocious. I've never seen a team voluntarily give up puck possession so many times a game, night in and night out. Well coached teams might do it 2-3 times a game, we seem to do it 20-30. Hard to win a hockey game that way.
  2. Bull$h1t comment by Green. I thought Stech and Virt were the best Canucks on the ice tonight. Not because they both scored goals but because they drove the play and created chances. I sometimes wonder what game Green was watching because based on his post game interviews he sounds detached from reality. He also said the power play looked good tonight, like it does every night. Lol!
  3. The only real question left to answer is who is going to score his hat trick goal first tonight? Pettersson or Horvat?
  4. While I agree that all of Bennings first round picks have been fire (jury is still out on OJ as he is yet to play in the NHL) many of our second and third round picks have never played at the NHL level and probably never will. Meanwhile a guy like Adam Guadette (a 5th round pick) is in the lineup. That's what I mean by it being a crapshoot. Some draft picks elevate their game and move on to achieve great things whilst others fade away or never take their game to another level. That's life, stuff happens, there are no guarantees. Proclaiming we were somehow selling ourselves short by giving up 2nd and a 7th round pick in exchange for players who are proven NHLers and are ready to play now is misguided IMHO because we just don't know if that 2nd and 7th round guy will ever see any ice time in the NHL. As for the 1st we gave up for Miller I think it has worked out very well so far. Here is a complete list of all of Bennings draft picks; https://canucksarmy.com/2018/07/02/five-years-in-jim-bennings-first-five-drafts-for-the-vancouver-canucks/
  5. Has Virt ever played with Pettersson and Boeser yet? I wouldn't mind seeing that. If it was a regular thing I bet Virt could break 20 goals this year from all the sick setups he'd get from Pettersson.
  6. Who cares dude? He's just some guy that plays make-believe. Celebrity worship is lame.
  7. Make all the jokes you want but this team is having success this year despite the abysmal coaching staff, not because of it. This is the most skilled group we've had in a very long time and I'll be damned if I'm going to sit quietly and watch Green and his band of buffoons squander it. p.s. JB is fine. The LE signing was a huge blunder but he has more than made up for it since with draft picks and trades. p.p.s. They should do a mic'd up episode with Newell Brown. I can just imagine him rallying the troops as they head out to start the power play; "Now remember guys, stay as still as possible out there. Don't waste your energy like skating or anything. And just keep passing it around, whatever you do don't shoot until you've passed it around so much that the other team has grown bored and stopped paying attention, then let 'er fly!" After the players roll their eyes and make their way out on the ice NB can be heard shouting "and don't forget THE DROP PASS!!!"
  8. I dunno man. It seems like every player interview between periods goes something like this; Interviewer: "How are you going to have success in the rest of the game?" Player: "We're going to stick to our game plan. Get pucks in deep and go in hard on the forecheck." Given the fact that the coaches, players, and GM continually say this is their game plan, I'm pretty sure it's their game plan.
  9. I think you are putting way too much emphasis on draft picks. They're a crap shoot. Sometimes they work out and sometimes they don't. Trading a pick away for a proven player like JT Miller is NOT a bad move when you have a skilled core that just needs a few more pieces. The time to sell the farm and push for a deep playoff run is now while our superstars are young, JB recognizes this. Here are some examples of players that went first overall who never amounted to anything. Most notable is the guy who was drafted in 1999 in front of the Sedins. He ended his career with 64 total goals. A high draft pick doesn't guarantee success! https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/top-10-biggest-busts-in-nhl-draft-history/ On the flip side look at some guys who were late drafts, Nikita Kucherov (58th), or Henrik Zetterberg (210th!). It's a total crapshoot.
  10. No way! Greener is going to put him on the first line with EP40 and Boeser. He'll probably be on PP1 as well.
  11. Yeah, I dunno about that. I was pretty nervous when it was 6 on 5 with two minutes left to play and every Canuck was literally just standing there letting NSH get in position for the perfect shot. They need to be more aggressive like they were at the beginning of the season and attack the puck carrier. That's coaching. Whomever the D coach is is telling them to play that way, they're not doing it on their own.
  12. Maybe he could try mixing up the lines? I dunno. It might work. Worth a shot.