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  1. CptCanuck16

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Chicago Blackhawks | Mar. 18, 2019

    Demko looked solid tonight. Stecher was a beast out there. I like seeing Lievo playing with BB and EP. He's the type of player who is good at winning puck battles in the corners and that's exactly the kind of line mate they need. Overall good effort, solid win. All of our points leaders got on the board.
  2. Who is saying he is having an off year? Also worthy of mentioning, he's only got 4 goals on the PP all season. If our PP wasn't so dismal BB would probably have broken 30G by now. PP looked a bit better last game though. Not sure if it was due to the Nucks stepping it up or just because of the Stars defensive system, but I think it was probably the latter. The Nucks seemed to have a lot more time and space out there all game long.
  3. Lol, at this point we'd need to go 10-0 to finish 9th. Playoff hopes are dead.
  4. Great puck movement by the Stars. Their power play looked deadly. If not for Marky this game could easily be tied right now.
  5. 10 @ $10m now for Schaller??? Guy is clearly an offensive powerhouse!
  6. I certainly hope not. I'm growing weary of watching Green's chip and chase brand of hockey.
  7. What's the Tryamkin drama about? I honestly have no idea.
  8. I'm not saying NG's lack of production is on JB or TG. Just saying he might find a club that is a better fit for his playing style and go on to thrive. It wouldn't be the first time that's happened.
  9. Florida? You mean Toronto? His season with them was pretty bad. 18 points (9g, 9a) in 80 games.
  10. Agree with your sentiments except regarding Spooner. The guy hasn't even had a chance to play yet. He's only been in the line up for 6 games. Too early to say if he's a bust imo. WTH happened to Granny? He had 19 goals in 2016-17 and looked so promising. Was it coach Green and his playing style that did him in or the lack of the benefits of the Sedin twins? Also, where does Panarin fit in your lineup?
  11. Just wait and see, JB will trade off Goldy after this season and he'll go on to be a consistent 20-30g scorer on another team who figures out how to utilize his talents. Happens to us far too often. Grabner and McCann just to name a couple examples.
  12. What???? He's been our best 2 way defenseman since the Edler injury like 10 to 12 games ago. Sure he makes mistakes defensively from time to time but so does everybody else. If no one ever made mistakes every NHL game played would go to a shootout tied 0-0. It's a dynamic game full of decisions that need to be made in an instant. Sometimes the right choice is made, sometimes not. What Biega brings to the table is a defenseman who knows when to pinch but is also responsible enough to get back when the puck starts back the other way, a D who can get point shots through to the net, and a D who can actually carry the puck well enough to gain entry into the O zone. Honestly I hope this is his big break and he becomes a full time 3rd pairing next season.
  13. With his size and speed Virt makes any line he plays on look better. I also like him paired Bo.
  14. CptCanuck16

    [PGT] New Jersey Devils at Vancouver Canucks | Mar. 15, 2019

    Great to see the top 3 all get points tonight!
  15. He said there's going to be lots of changes next year. It's a classic case of CYOA. Had he said they were doing everything right and if they continue to play this way every night they'll win more games than they lose (like he has been saying all season) JB would be showing him the door.