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  1. If Sutter hustled a little and kept that puck in instead of being a lazy ass, they probably wouldn’t have scored there...
  2. I’m a bit late to the party, but why is Virtanen a healthy scratch?
  3. Tanev can’t go. Playing Tanev with Hughes is allowing Hughes to play his offensive game confidently knowing that Tanev can bail him out defensively. Tanev has been our most underrated player this season imo; his defending and shot blocking has been nothing short of fantastic.
  4. Imagine if we did draft Tkachuk; Pettersson and Hughes would be playing with him on the Canucks.
  5. Besides all the obvious players, I think Tanev needs to get some love. He’s been healthy all season, playing big minutes against opposing teams top players, which has been allowing Hughes play to his strengths. Chris has been a defensive general on the backend this season; we definitely wouldn’t be where we are without him playing the way he has so far.
  6. Isn’t this the same puke that injured some Canucks players in years past, and gotten away with it? I believe it was one of the Sedins? His hypocritical a** can go screw itself.
  7. Boeser is a ghost out there. What’s happened to him lately. His shots aren’t hitting the net at all.