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  1. heyy again... haven't seen you post much these days. where've you been?

  2. hi there! =) thanks for viewing my profile page

  3. that was a sad attempt at an insult, guess there's a lot of space in your skull. oh and... you're interested in bikini modeling are you? lmao

  4. there's no space in 'boogeyman'

  5. :o That's terrible :(
  6. it's a dino eat dino world out there

  7. and a raaaah rah rah to you too!

  8. raaaah rah rah.

    that's t-rex for hi friend.

  9. Oh dear I sense some cannibalism going on

  10. because we taste grrrreat!

  11. But dinosaurs are cool! Why would I eat something that cool?

  12. Yeah.

    We're few and far between.

    I live with a penguins fan and another is a pens/blues fan, but she likes canucks too.


  13. canucks fan in the UK? awesome!