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  1. The Workout Thread

    Usually it’s the lower right side just above the tailbone
  2. The Workout Thread

    I been having hip soreness from squats I believe. I can do what I would call ‘heavy weights’ with a belt for myself and do them just fine. However for the past few weeks my hips have been sore. I seen a chiro/physio/athletic trainer for my soreness and nothing seems to really help. Even I left squatting for a few weeks and came back to it, still kind of tight.
  3. General Hockey Questions

    Anyone know how come we never see how much a player gets paid in a different league is it by season, performance or do they follow another criteria?
  4. [Report] Alexandre Burrows announces retirement

    Ah some people already mentioned it’s fitting that he’s retiring the same year as the Sedins. One of the best and most humbling resemblance's to the Sedins is that he is the epitome of hard work. Burrows like the Sedins was never your flashiest of players. But season after season, they were constantly improving and shutting up the critics. Even though when all 3 players seem to decline, they never looked at it as a demotion, but looked to take another important role on the team (or another team) to be mentors for the future of our beloved Canucks.
  5. If Matthews gets lost to an offer sheet I could see the Toronto media headlines saying they didn’t need Matthews’s anyways and the compensation of 4 first round picks clearly outweighs any Matthews any day of the week.
  6. Quinn Hughes | D

    I think what’s really funny is when he got drafted I remember clearly on the radio that day how the knock on his game was his defensive awareness. But then they said how can he lack defensive awareness if he’s always in the offensive zone 95% of the time. Made me giggle. Good times ahead Canucks fans...good times.
  7. [Waivers] Alex Burrows

    I’m wondering how the sens are going to look next year. Highway robbery for that trade for Dahlen.
  8. How should the Sedins stay involved ?

    Scouting over in Europe sounds ideal. Sedins are family oriented players, it would give them the flexibility to be living in Vancouver and Sweden. Both of which are their homes.
  9. Quinn Hughes | D

    Aside from that I think during the draft that it was mentioned that he may be the only defenceman of the draft that may eventually be better than Dahlin. Hughes was the best skater in the draft anyways.
  10. Toni Utunen | D

    We’re going to be the smallest team to ever win the cup.
  11. [GDT] 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Huge hughessss
  12. As much as we all love Tanev it seems like he’s always just 1 shot block away from being out multiple games. I mean the guy definitely has bravery written all over him with regards on how he blocks shots, but he needs to reinvent his game ever so slightly so he doesn’t get injured that often. I also don’t want him to get traded unless like others have said it’s an absolutely overpayment. His guidance towards our future D-Corp will be such a valuable asset.
  13. In before someone says he’s only got decent numbers from playing in the east
  14. Don’t know why people seem to be so up-tight about giving up our 7th to get Hanifin. Basic math is we’re here trying to minimize the probability of the 7th overall failing. We have no idea how our prospect will turn out even though if we do draft at 7th. Quite frankly with Hanifin on board it does seem to fit a better timeline when everyone projects to be ‘in their prime’. So it’s basically your trading for a young player that’s been trending positively for the last 3 seasons for a unknown 7th overall.
  15. [Rumour] Canucks interested in Hanifin

    So.. from what your saying is they both their strengths and weaknesses compliment each other get er done JB!