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  1. Mini cardio booths now for all cardio machines at my gym. Also oddly enough I got a bit stronger since taking a month and a half break of doing nothing. Think my body really just needed a long unintended break just like that. Joints feel a lot better for all my lifts.
  2. Dominating win by Fury. I read somewhere on Twitter that Wilder was fighting a bunch of people that were not really considered to be ‘anything great’, and how the league/camp was trying to protect Wilder by not giving him contenders in the top 10, or how they refused to unify the belts. Apparently the fight with Fury was suppose to be also a ‘easy’ match considering Fury was coming to the fight out of shape and just finished battled depression and substance abuse. Just it never happened and Fury held his own resulting in another match.
  3. Just going to say that Hughes is just insane. For a rookie to be putting up points like him, and seeing him skate like the wind every game is just f***en incredible. Quick, agile, and shots always to the net, it’s truly amazing what he does. Never the strongest guy or hardest shot, but he just makes things happen. Also seems to be a rookie that doesn’t seem to be ‘hitting that wall’ as the season progresses as well. If I had to choose one I would say that Hughes is even more important to the team than Pettersson, but I believe that’s another topic that can be debated for miles.
  4. This is pretty much it, you can gradually chip away at speed and get better (like Horvat), but with hands it seems like it’s more Like your naturally gifted.
  5. Can someone explain to me how this is a ‘4points’ up for grabs game in the standings? Is it cause it’s against the pacific ?
  6. This year i just look forward to Hughes getting points and hopefully winning the Calder. Setting my expectations from the bottom, so anything else that’s good comes with it is a bonus.
  7. Anyone else always hoping Hughes gets some more points and ends up breaking Petterssons rookie record?
  8. My cousin’s son is maple leafs fan and I told him every time the leafs score a goal, I’m going to turn off the TV for 30 second. There shall be no celebrating of any leafs goals in my household!
  9. Anyone got the EP sick dangles? At work right now and don’t have the game in front of me.
  10. I assume this is what it would look like if Kesler was the captain, minus the baggage.
  11. Was looking at Bo’s first season and it amazes me his line mates were mostly Dorsett and Kennins? My goodness has he come far from his rookie year.
  12. Feels like we got more of Mark Stone on a tremendous discount. Great in corners, defensively sound, tremendous net presence.
  13. They say you shouldn’t be distracts by your phone and whatnot. But have you seen seen what kind of buttons and touchscreen options cars have these days??!!!!