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  1. This year i just look forward to Hughes getting points and hopefully winning the Calder. Setting my expectations from the bottom, so anything else that’s good comes with it is a bonus.
  2. Anyone else always hoping Hughes gets some more points and ends up breaking Petterssons rookie record?
  3. My cousin’s son is maple leafs fan and I told him every time the leafs score a goal, I’m going to turn off the TV for 30 second. There shall be no celebrating of any leafs goals in my household!
  4. Anyone got the EP sick dangles? At work right now and don’t have the game in front of me.
  5. I assume this is what it would look like if Kesler was the captain, minus the baggage.
  6. Was looking at Bo’s first season and it amazes me his line mates were mostly Dorsett and Kennins? My goodness has he come far from his rookie year.
  7. Feels like we got more of Mark Stone on a tremendous discount. Great in corners, defensively sound, tremendous net presence.
  8. They say you shouldn’t be distracts by your phone and whatnot. But have you seen seen what kind of buttons and touchscreen options cars have these days??!!!!
  9. Looking to bench 315lbs for a 1RM next year for my goal. Was wondering if anyone knows if it’s attainable while maintaining around 160lbs BW. Currently sitting 275lbs 1RM at 165-168lbs. Not on any structured regimen or anything for benching, just want to be able to do 315lbs by the end of next year.
  10. thought this was cute.....boy band?
  11. There once was a man named Harry Pickel. He had a dog named Harry Pickel. Everyone hated the name Harry Pickel. So they hung him by his.... ___________.
  12. Elias warming up his Audi, getting ready to pick him up from minny as we speak.
  13. We never thought of what would become of Horvat, many of us pegged him mostly as a 3rd liner, but look at where he’s at now. Continue to put these low expectations on Podkolzin and let’s make him exceed our expectations.