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  1. If only Datsyuk still played... his 3 on 3 would be amazing
  2. The only passing Henrik should be doing is passing the torch over to Bo....
  3. Damn, and I just read yesterday she was in stable condition. Sad way to go.
  4. Keep burrows and Hansen, need them as mentors.
  5. From the time I watched hockey... it was always exciting to watch... The Russian rocket, Bure. The WCE of Naslund, Bertuzzi and Morrison. And still enjoying the time with the Sedins. Slowly we transition to Horvat and company in the future. The point being is every half decade or so we always had the pleasure of witnessing 'exciting players' and every team has them, every team will. Some players win cups, some don't. There will one day be a time that our city will eventually win a cup, and when we do it will be a glorious one. For some our future Stanley Cup may be based on that years 'team' winning it. But let's also remember all of the past Canucks that somehow paved the way for that team to get to that point.
  6. Has anyone done a bootcamp before ? I like early starts to my mornings and generally speaking, the reviews seem great as well. I plan on just toning down a bit and losing some excess body fat. so I'm wondering what experiences you guys have had if any of you guys participated in one.
  7. Anyone know where to purchase some decent workout equipment? I'm just looking for a small bench, some free weights and a barbell curl pole of some sort. i been to flamens fitness and atmosphere, however don't really know the cost compared to other stores.
  8. Looks like tavares
  9. It's not true that you have to pay for all your tickets if you get towed. I worked at Aberdeen centre in Richmond and amassed over $5000 worth of tickets in a span of a year and got towed awhile back in another Impark lot (the area I park in the corner prevents my car from being towed in Aberdeen). A local towing company usually busters or rusty's comes and tows your car and all you have to do is pay for the 'release' of your vehicle and that's all. The towing company's don't care about your fines. I also received letters stating that they will call up collection agency's and whatnot in order to 'deal' with me, but never happened in the end.
  10. Anyone noticed that the majority of Boesers goals are top shelf ?
  11. Just re-watched a majority of his highlights for the season and I have to say he has a very impressive inside-outside deke that works fairly well on defenders and best of all, it's so clean most of the time that even if he doesn't score a goal, it makes one hell of a scoring chance. Seems he is the only player on the team that has that 'it' factor that can not only beat the opposition with his speed, but also his skill. Reminds me of a better version of Kesler already aside from that one 40+ goal season (remember all those failed attempts that he tried to deke the opposition?) I am starting to wonder if he is going to be our number 1 centre in a few years to come and can slowly be eased into the role.
  12. Yeeeeeee
  13. We all know The fish getting some sweet country pie tonight!
  14. Plus the fact that Bo's playing slightly injured from his block shot attempt, we need to rest him up a bit.