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  1. At least the article acknowledges that we’re gonna in the playoffs....one step towards the right direction !
  2. Personally I have a hard time looking at the spelling of his first name, since I never seen it spelt with EA instead of AE.
  3. To be fair I remember on 650 they said that Matthews camp was unwilling to give 8 years because they knew his worth wouldn’t be the same due to inflation of the cap. They also said that because of this, other players will also follow suit. By all means if a player has that much faith in himself, good for him.
  4. Offer Panarin and EK 10mil a pop at 7 years. Offer-sheet Marner for 10mil for 7 years. Then we pray... But if it did happen, all hell breaks loose haha.
  5. Don’t lie to me... you guys were all hoping this go into overtime!!!
  6. Our team defence was porous and thanks to this, Markstrom became the goalie he is today. As people mentioned on a better team, don’t think he would’ve developed like he would this season cause he would’ve seen less shots and would have a better defence in front of him.
  7. My friend is a huge Senators fan... he told me to pray for his Ottawa Senators....
  8. Or we become the next Minnesota Wild and get both of them like how they did with Suter and Parise.
  9. Let’s not kid ourselves. All the kids are out so they don’t need to do schoolwork... practically like a field trip.
  10. I think what’s really funny is when he got drafted I remember clearly on the radio that day how the knock on his game was his defensive awareness. But then they said how can he lack defensive awareness if he’s always in the offensive zone 95% of the time. Made me giggle. Good times ahead Canucks fans...good times.
  11. Aside from that I think during the draft that it was mentioned that he may be the only defenceman of the draft that may eventually be better than Dahlin. Hughes was the best skater in the draft anyways.