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  1. Brock or Bo ?

    For some reason I think Horvat is going to be the next 'C' that Kesler would've been... minus the hate and selfishness that people had for him.
  2. Coaches probably telling Brock it's okay to not block the shot.
  3. Make Canada much more appealing with his pretty face.
  4. Seeing the bright side, and why you should too...

    Hockey gods just trying to present us Dahlin on a silver platter because the Canucks were always the home for some kickass swedes... they just want us to have another swede for the next decade or so.
  5. Pettersson Horvat Boeser - You call it.

    Horvat - Pettersson - Boeser (Powerforward/Playmaker/Sniper) Oh god that would be sexy.... and both Pettersson and Horvat can shoot and pass as well.
  6. The Lack of Toughness and Pushback is Concerning

    I think when you look at the teams dynamics even going forward we're going to see a trend of 'soft skilled forwards' with the upcomings of Peterson and Dahlen. I don't know if the dynamics of the team will change that much, however I don't see Bo Horvat and co being a 'physical' presence even after the Sedins retire. Sure maybe they'll be aggressive leaders, but never intimidating in terms of physicality. They rather score on you then take a shot at your face with their knuckles. I'm not going to say how the Sedins are soft leader, but they take a lot of abuse for a reason too. If you think about it if you don't retaliate it lessens the chances for penalty calls to them and increases for the opposition ( as much as some of you hate to agree, it's true ). I think we all have seen whether it's our team or another we're we try to be tough and retaliate, but in the end get a instigator penalty or a penalty that's related because of what player A did to Player B. The point being I think everyone sees all these holes in our teams and tries desperately to dissect our team when we're losing. you may as well throw in a dozen other reasons and start a dozen other topics to address these issues.
  7. Battling the Injury Bug

    I think one of the things we need to do is actually have possession of the puck. Let's be honest, the more you have the possession, the more you control the game. To starts things off I hate how the Canucks play the dump and chase game. No one can efficiently take the puck into the offensive zone properly and with the dump and chase you always get bodied which increases the likelihood of injury. Then there's just plain not being able win possession and your always chasing. When your chasing your tiring yourself out, putting yourself out of position and plus now your trying to block shots.
  8. Maybe secretly his injured Iigaments realigned his shots in some weird way and because of it scored many of his goals!!
  9. [Video] Jonathan Drouin Plays Hockey Really Well

    If only Datsyuk still played... his 3 on 3 would be amazing
  10. [PGT] Canucks @ Predators

    The only passing Henrik should be doing is passing the torch over to Bo....
  11. Carrie Fisher Dead at 60

    Damn, and I just read yesterday she was in stable condition. Sad way to go.
  12. [Discussion] Rebuild 101

    Keep burrows and Hansen, need them as mentors.
  13. Here to vent...

    From the time I watched hockey... it was always exciting to watch... The Russian rocket, Bure. The WCE of Naslund, Bertuzzi and Morrison. And still enjoying the time with the Sedins. Slowly we transition to Horvat and company in the future. The point being is every half decade or so we always had the pleasure of witnessing 'exciting players' and every team has them, every team will. Some players win cups, some don't. There will one day be a time that our city will eventually win a cup, and when we do it will be a glorious one. For some our future Stanley Cup may be based on that years 'team' winning it. But let's also remember all of the past Canucks that somehow paved the way for that team to get to that point.
  14. The Workout Thread

    Has anyone done a bootcamp before ? I like early starts to my mornings and generally speaking, the reviews seem great as well. I plan on just toning down a bit and losing some excess body fat. so I'm wondering what experiences you guys have had if any of you guys participated in one.