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  1. Remember when Wild fans thought we were their biggest rivals and we were all like wuuuuuuuut?! haha good times
  2. Meh. Did not enjoy this episode either.
  3. Losing interest pretty quick here. Really enjoyed the early episodes of the season but now it's as blah as the first season. Here's hoping Sunday brings some excitement.
  4. Looking forward to today's episode. Better not be the suck again.
  5. Wow, didn't like that episode at all. First episode of the season I haven't enjoyed.
  6. Another solid episode. I really like Alex. I hope she comes back to the story somehow.
  7. I'm actually quite enjoying this season so far, even though there isn't a single character I give a poop about. Looking forward to the rest of the season.
  8. Disappointed +++ i tried so hard for weeks not to read any spoilers. There was nothing to spoil!! Used 90 frikkin minutes of my day to learn that: 1. Negan bad 2. Lucille is a bat 3. Carol gets shot
  9. I have a feeling they'll kill off Rick.
  10. I think I speak for all of tank nation when I say I hope you lose that bet this year.
  12. I think a lot of people like me just haven't been watching all the games as usual because our team this year has been lacking effort and full of suck. Less people watching = less people even aware of the telethon today. If this telethon coincided with Tryamkin's debut, win or lose, they would have raised more money. Just my opinion.
  13. I'm a fat lady and I'm singing, man. Singing loud.
  14. This article is over a year old but thanks anyway
  15. Well mason raymond fell down a lot. That was different. Maybe we can get him back?