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  1. Vigneault for Torts and Botchford for Brooks lol. Post games will be much more entertaining. Get 'er done lol
  2. Jason Garrison so far?

    One of the best off season acquisitions last year.. Quietly too
  3. Jason Garrison so far?

    This is the new burrows thread
  4. Jason Garrison so far?

    This Is the new "Kevin Bieksa you are really..." Thread
  5. looking forward to seeing Roy's debut tonight.

    1. The Brahma Bull
    2. peener


      if he doesnt run the goalie on his first shift i will be very disappointed and will never watch another canucks game ever again

    3. c00kies


      Me too!!! Illegal streaming better not let me down...

  6. Jason Garrison so far?

    Quietly becoming one of our best dmen. But Gillis needs to go ...... ..............
  7. Name That Goalie!

    Double zero? Never knew
  8. Jason Garrison so far?

    im gonna go out on a limb and answer for him... THATS EXACTLY WHAT HE'S IMPLYING! and yes i know you were being sarcastic
  9. Jason Garrison so far?

    You gotta be patient with D men, the offense isnt there but he has not been a liability..
  10. Everytime Kass scores chant CODY WHOOOO???? Wheres his fanboys now???

    1. logic


      how about no

    2. JimLahey


      11/10 absolutely fantastic idea.

  11. lol reading these threads. I am so glad im not a mod on this site. you guys have your work cut out for ya lol

    1. RockNroLLa.


      with great power comes great responsibility, remember that, I came up with it :)

    2. Durl Dixsun
    3. Gooby
  12. I take back what i said!!

  13. this team is so LAZY!!! Ottawa plays hard, the Florida Panthers play hard, Pittsburgh made a statement and scored 10 goals today. And well watch that first period and thats what the Canucks did.... 2012 canucks lazyest team in nhl history, ZERO compete level

    1. frazzY


      but i will always love this team!!! not a bandwagonner just calling it as i see it. COMPETE BOYS!!!

    2. Blame Obama

      Blame Obama

      tsk tsk.. musta smuggled bc bud to la

  14. HAHA Sabres officially eliminated!!! SUCK IT EHRHOFF AND HODGSON!!!

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Patchey


      You seem bitter?

    3. ilduce39


      I'm with you. No loyalty to those two!

    4. RoyalCanuck