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  1. **Unofficial Golf Thread**

    Was an awesome last round and im glad that Tiger got his win, hope that it opens the floodgates for next season
  2. **Unofficial Golf Thread**

    Im quite jealous of you guys that are all out playing again. I just got out of a sling that i've had for the past 2 weeks because of a dislocated shoulder, im looking far away from my first round of the season . The masters has been great though, love seeing Rory at the top and Tiger surging again. Hopefully they can make the weekend exciting and we can see a classic Tiger finish
  3. **Unofficial Golf Thread**

    I got the 460, from how I've felt swinging it, not disapointed at all.
  4. **Unofficial Golf Thread**

    I got a new driver on boxing day. Taylormade R9 for 50% off at Golftown. I cant wait until the snow leaves Kamloops so I can start to play again. My dad called and said he went out and played 9 a couple days ago and I hung up on him
  5. The HEAVY METAL Thread

    Has anyone else bought tickets for As I Lay Dying, All That Remains, Unearth and another band I can't remember now. October 7th at The Vouge Theatre. So stoked to see AILD again. 5th or 6th time seeing ATR and they never disapoint. Unearth live I have heard great things about, gonna be a great night.
  6. **Unofficial Golf Thread**

    Love golfing.I have an old Wilson Deep Red D, and an Adams golf Speedline 3W and Adams golf Tight lies iron set 3-LW. I try and get out at least 2 or 3 times a week if I can get it out of work. I live in Kamloops so there's a plethora of good courses to play. Shot an 86 out at The Dunes last weekend and have a tee time at Rivershore in a couple hours :D
  7. The HEAVY METAL Thread

    Almost a year since they broke up, Your ghost is a gift was a pretty solid album when it came out in my mind.
  8. The HEAVY METAL Thread
  9. The HEAVY METAL Thread

    everyone enjoy
  10. The HEAVY METAL Thread

    ill, just been listening to your stuff, solid man. I can totally see where a keyboard in songs like Mecca would be an awesome addition. If you end up in Vancouver I may deffinatly have to make a trip down to the coast
  11. The HEAVY METAL Thread

    No arguements there at all \M/
  12. The HEAVY METAL Thread

    The first time I heard of Behemoth was when I saw them at the Sound of the Underground tour a couple years back. They opened with Anti-Christian Phenomenon and it scared the hell out of me. They slay though.
  13. The HEAVY METAL Thread

    MOAR MAIDEN!!!! \M/ Rainmaker - The Number of the Beast - Flight of Icarus - Wasted Years - Run to the Hills - The Trooper - 2 Minutes to Midnight - Fear of the Dark (live) - The Wicker Man -
  14. The HEAVY METAL Thread

    Well so much for studying, who needs school anyway right? \M/
  15. The HEAVY METAL Thread

    Thanks a lot Har, I'm supposed to be studying for a final but you reminded me to watch Global Metal. and good old Varg, dont know what to even say