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  1. I know
  2. I think I might ask your mother to make me a sandwich
  3. WTF my dick is bigger then yours lol
  4. Well losing is one thing but tanking insinuates losing on purpose so inherently tanking is on purpose
  5. The only case that can be made is if you are a taking odds in Vegas. I personally never NEVER want to see my team Tank (on purpose) I want to see them fight to the bitter end
  6. Well that's where we differ I would much rather see my team in the playoffs then bet their future on a tank
  7. Dude face it your Tank strategy was a crap shoot from the get go at 20 percent. I would much prefer good quality drafting and trading.
  8. Oh oh hit a nerve
  9. All the same a-holes what were calling for the Tank are complaining about the pick WTF
  10. LOL F you tank nation
  11. I think I am going to sue shaw cable for peddling a year of such lackluster performances.
  12. Nothing to see here ... move along
  13. Nobody called out anybody. Its not like Hank or WD said anything bad about JV. They were asked about a late hit. It was a late hit, so what, anyone with broken stop watch and one eye could have made that call. Maybe they should have said they didn't see it, oh and it was replayed how many times on the Jumbo with them looking right at.
  14. I really don't know why the big witch hunt here for Hank. He was asked by the media to comment on a late hit by JV. All he said was it was a late hit he made no other comment about it, what was he supposed to say? Anybody with two eyes and half a brain can see it was a late hit. I thought all you pro tankers out there would be happy enough to have just lost the game Nope I was wrong, Go after the Captain now, what next resort back to calling the Sedins the sisters? I really think there is a good portion of our "fan base" that just wants to see a train wreck.