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  1. Secondary scoring everyone stand around and watch Mcjebus
  2. I gotta agree nothing really going on there other than the odd f***up add Eberly to that offensively.
  3. What ever you have your opinion
  4. bite me bud I am just calling it as I see it
  5. Eberle hasn't played all play offs
  6. NHL replay review all drunk in Toronto or asleep I didn't even need the slow mo it was like what the f kesler is grabbing Talbots pad
  7. terrible call Kesler was all over Talbots pad
  8. Ne verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  9. Wanna hear a bad joke? What's 6'7" and doesn't play for the Canucks?
  10. Well of course he is saying it is his time on ice etc... How would it sound if he said my wife doesn't like the shopping here
  11. Sounds like Self entitlement, Needs an attitude adjustment because who needs a self entitled 6'7" D man on their team. Not the Canucks that's for sure we have Suban waiting in the wings and a D man that can play as a forward. Now that's Development!
  12. Did Tyramkin not get the memo that Wille got fired?
  13. Did Larsen bail as well?
  14. Well at least we don't have to worry about him getting picked up by Edmonton or Calgary or the Ducks, and coming back to ruin us. Because that thread would have been way more entertaining.
  15. Willie walks away with his tail between his legs. He has proven he has not understood the scope of what it means to be an NHL coach. Any other conclusion you draw from this is fantasy. He may develop into the coach he thinks he is some day, but his term here in Vancouver has only proven that he can lose more than he can win , by the way the same goes for upper management . Blame it on roster, blame it injuries, blame it on what ever. He's had three years and aside from his rookie year he has done very little to push this team forward. In no way do I think the management team are free from culpability, they need to own it as well, If things (win/losses) don't change next season, TL and/or JB's Job will be on the line.