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  1. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Clutch topic  
  2. (Rant) Vrbata For Sale: 1 Draft Pick O.B.O

    Vrbata will show up in the playoffs ...... Oh right
  3. Where would Kassian have fit in this rebuild?

    A lot of speculation of what he may or may not have done here. Fact is it is all speculation. The Only thing that burns me is  that in all the Cody, Prust and Kassian Debacle is that Oilers seem to be the only team so far to come out ahead and they are the ones that ended up with with this so called "bad seed" Time will tell.
  4. Why is Linden Vey still here?

    Just to set the record straight Miller over played the pass, Edler wiffed on the clear and Vey tapped it in. There was no opponent  contact on Vey's  stick even remotely close to the Ozone. So pick any one of those for your scapegoat. I think all three of them had a decent game   none of them deserve the  abuse they are getting (Vey).  This team seems to get a bit rattled when it screws up and I am sure Pens know this. Vey did ok in the circle tonight at just slightly over 50 percent. And apart from that own goal his support for the puck battles along the boards was fairly good.
  5. {GDT} Canucks vs Bruins @ 4pm PT on SNP

    Its not just you I was thinking the same thing that line really supports the puck in the O zone and hustles back when needed. They seem to win a lot of board battles
  6. John Scott Leading The All-Star Vote

    I was hardly mad like I said I really don't pay any attention to the all star game and thanks for the info update much appreciated
  7. John Scott Leading The All-Star Vote

    A few glaring points: 1 That fans would actually vote John as one of the captains. 2 The NHL would pull such a maneuver to overturn this vote Disgruntled fans feeling the process is less then genuine It was a fan vote, surely the NHL should respect the outcome and  not try to  pull some shenanigans resulting in the decision being overturned. Basically they just gave finger up to their fan base. Most dedicated hockey fans don't even watch the All star game I know I haven't in years. It is a corporate event and gala party for the leagues elite bosses and and business partners. (Let them eat cake)  
  8. Here is the thing Coaches in the NHL are fired because of their record. So to say Willie cares about his job I would have to say that is a completely normal reaction
  9. I don't always agree with the line changes WD makes and the decision to roll 4 lines during the playoffs last year seemed to bare negative results. Having said that he is  somehow  turning S*&t into Shinola he needs to complete the season
  10. The move to Green makes no sense to me right now. WD has almost 2 years proven  NHL experience> than Greens AHL experience Possible something like this happening in the off season should the team miss the playoffs. Maybe Torts will be available next season I am sure he would be a good fit!!      

    He is going to play (not play) himself out of a permanent roster spot  

    He has been playing strong on the puck you knew it was only a matter of time  
  13. WD is out of his depth

    Well yes! Of course the coach and the team get credit for the wins even if any particular player may have pushed the results in our teams favour. Picture a team with no defense or forwards, picture a team with no offensive or defensive systems in place all of these as well as individual effort goes into making a solid team. So it is no wonder when the coach is asked, he talks about how his team performed he address the question in terms of both individual and team performances. To me it is obvious WD is coaching more of a possession style game with puck support. I believe earlier in the season this was not the case, I saw a lot of dump and chase and to me that just emphasized the fact he was not totally comfortable with his lineups. I think as the lines jell  and our defence gets stronger we will see more of an aggressive transition style. Maybe not this year!
  14. WD is out of his depth

    Never said I knew anything about coaching All I said was it was kind of strange how some posters are slamming WD for any loss due to injuries, youth development, etc.... while others are praising Him for any win even if our goalie stood on his head! So far I see no reason to fire the coach, as there is not a better replacement out there, if there was a better alternative than that could be a different discussion . If people want to have discussion about coaching they should feel uninhibited even if they know nothing or claim to know everything. Flinging insults at coaches players etc... should be left to some other forum or not done at all.  
  15. WD is out of his depth

    So what you are saying is it is simply pointless to have discussion on coaching at this point in the season?