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  1. TPIAAF woooooooooooop

  2. found this channel on youtube, uploads a lot of good techno/trance daily craaaaaazy!
  3. fleshs verse = crazy (2nd one)
  4. fixed. played TDM at my buddies house today. went 42-13 our team still lost
  5. What are they building at the coast meridan in PoCo? is it another bridge? haven't heard much about it
  6. yeah, was a lot more difficult. i could probably get 10 ac130's before i would get 7 helicopters haha. was just playing Cod4. wooooow. not used to it.
  7. time to go back to CoD4 and NHL10 now
  8. ya i play on medium sensitivity (default) and its 2 if you spray on the 50cal you wont even kill the guy since your scope will be going everywhere it depends on the sniper himself my brother is taking away MW2. he bought it and is now selling it since he is moving out and won't have the ps3
  9. So? medium sensitivity is 2
  10. I might do that joined my buddies FFA game full of level 30's and went 30-3 sniping, then 30-2 lol
  11. no. its just really hard to see you if your lying in grass, thats why i was sort of PO'd when I got killed i finished very good in that game anyways, but IW should of thought about that but it seems like they didnt think about too much while making this game
  12. even if I don't have cold blooded on and im laying in this huge thing of grass, i shouldn't get shot down its ridiculous. 20 people could've ran by me and not notice
  13. im laying in a huge patch of grass with my ghillie suit, one kill from a harrier meanwhile someones helicopter is above me, and it freakin kills me if im hiding in a huge patch of grass + ghillie suit it should = 100% protection. buncha bullcrape that was yesterday. i finished the game 30-2 anyways (FFA) beta phags cant handle the 50 cal
  14. i was actually doing pretty good on ground war yesterday managed to get an ac130 on underpass, got 14 kills with it. want rotating goldemblem nao btw im so ???? alpha when it comes to sniping
  15. I know I said cheating is cheap (wait wut) but I wanna do this stuff. mainly for ac-130 kills or bear the pain of ground war and get that way