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  1. I really liked him too, I was pretty stunned when they didn't put him through. I guess it wasn't flashy enough for them but to me it was so much more original than someone playing with a deck of cards. But I am glad they voted for that other magician that did the trick where he ripped the corners off the paper bills and reattached them, I think that was Wednesday's show.
  2. So I found out that turning off the AR function greatly reduces the number of crashes on my phone. It still crashes occasionally and the game drains the life out of my battery at lightning speed but the game's playable for me now, I was able to catch a good number of Pokemon today. Also saw a couple of families playing together at a Pokestop today which was kinda sweet to see. Plus its way better for the kids when the parents get involved and are able to monitor them when they play. Still waiting to have an actual conversation with someone at a lure though, most people seem too absorbed in the game, some just stay in their cars to catch Pokemon. I always thought it'd be a cool way to meet people with common interests but maybe not.
  3. What this also does (along with other recent signings) is begin to establish a market value for Horvat when he re-signs. Johansson and Killorn, although a few years older, produced similar point totals to Horvat (who has only had the one 40 point season, but can be expected to continue at that pace or higher). Killorn got $4.45m, Johansson gets ~$4.58m. Victor Rask was signed a week ago to $4m. On the other end of the spectrum, Reilly Smith and JT Miller both got less than their value suggests. None of these are exact comparables to Horvat but it gives you something to think about. Johansson has shown good consistency with 5 straight 40 point seasons (if you rate the lockout year over a full 82) so Horvat would have to do something special next year to approach $4.5m, but I think he's in the ballpark of $4m depending on how he performs next season.
  4. Not a surprise given his Vancouver ties, but still a head-shaker. He can be capable if paired with the right guy, but if you're 27 and still need to be sheltered on the blueline in the AHL, well...
  5. Filing for arbitration's not a great way to win points with your hometown team that's given you a second chance at an NHL career. Of course it makes sense to pursue the best possible deal, but is any other team really going to give him a shot at playing NHL games anymore? I can't imagine the Minnesota management group is too pleased with having to spend time going to arbitration over an NHL/AHL tweener.
  6. I hate Dorsett's contract but without him we have virtually no toughness amongst our forward lines. The only other guy is Virtanen, who's no enforcer and needs to develop the other areas of his game because he can be way more than a physical presence. We have guys who are gritty like Hansen, Burrows, and Etem, but Dorsett is the only true tough guy of the group. I can live with the occasional dumb penalty because he can at least play a regular shift and be more than a fighter. As long as WD stops putting him out for those random shifts with the Sedins and keeps him playing 10-12 minutes a night I'm all for him. He plays a unique, necessary role on our team.
  7. I can't see him getting a one way deal. But he should definitely be pushing for a higher AHL salary, he has to know that he's highly likely to remain in the AHL this year, at least to start. He only earned $90k in the minors last season, and considering Zalewski just negotiated for a pay bump from $70k to $100k I'd expect Grenier to ask for more than him. Just looking at the guys we have signed to two ways (excluding ELCs): Chaput, $225k Billins, $225k Rendulic, $200k Nilsson, $200k Zalewski, $100k Megna and Bachman are also on one way deals but should be in the AHL. I'd hazard a guess that Grenier wants a deal in the $200k+ range (or a one way deal that he won't get). Chaput and Rendulic are both one year younger than Grenier with similar production so he has a pretty good case for those numbers.
  8. It feels wrong being the only person besides VC to post in the last four pages, but I don't know where else to put this: ex-Canuck pick Alex Mallet has signed in the Czech league with HC Pardubice.
  9. I don't think we own the Alaska Aces, do we? I thought it was just an affiliation. But I could be wrong. I thought the issue might just be a case where Benning wasn't interested in promoting Gillis players (Cederholm, McEneny, Fox, Blomstrand) so he just left them all there.
  10. I used to work at a movie theatre. Its annoying when it creates a big scene. By that I mean, you've got some guy on his phone the whole time, somebody else complains, an employee has to go in and awkwardly walk down the aisle to tell them to stop (and of course they won't because they're stubborn) and by that point its just disruptive to everybody watching. It doesn't really bother me now if I'm watching a movie, as long as they're not doing something dumb like talking to someone on their phone. Its just mildly irritating in that sense that "you can't go a couple hours without checking your phone?", so the third option for me.
  11. Might be good for him to escape the black hole that is the ECHL, as Benning's regime doesn't seem as keen on promoting players from there as the last regime was. I always thought he should've gotten a one or two game look with the Comets when they had all the PTOs, just to make a fair assessment on him, but it never came no matter the level of injuries. If he goes there's the possibility he won't return, but it definitely wouldn't hurt to go to Sweden for a year and perhaps bring him back for the third year of his ELC.
  12. Gotta love free prospects. Excited to see a player with offensive upside added to the pool in Utica, no telling how Carcone will translate to the AHL (or even the ECHL, depending on where he starts) but I like the idea of bolstering our prospect pool through other avenues besides the draft. It'd be nice if they took a look at D'Aoust as well and bring him to Youngstars at least.
  13. This pretty much confirms what we already know, which is that Benning has orders to push for the playoffs and make the team competitive at all costs... I don't know how much this is really about Baertschi's development. The guy's 23 anyway, he's not a green rookie and he showed last year that he can play. I think if you draw up the top 9 as it is now, the weak link is Virtanen, who isn't even a surefire bet for the top 9 - his element of physicality is unique to our team though so he might stick based on that factor. But it would also make sense if JB wanted to have him get big minutes in the AHL to start so I could see him wanting to acquire a winger to fill that hole. Although the way our lineup is constructed, the Horvat and Sutter lines could very well end up being interchangeable as 2 and 3 so it could all be a moot point. Sedin-Sedin-Eriksson Baertschi-Horvat-Hansen Rodin-Sutter-Virtanen Etem/Burrows-Granlund-Dorsett
  14. I'm a big fan of Rodin so I hope he sticks... best case scenario we get an instant top six forward from an unlikely place. Worst case he doesn't make it, bolts to Europe and we lose almost nothing. It'll probably be somewhere in between those, though. And If Larsen outscores Larsson I'll be thrilled...
  15. Agree with this 100%, especially the last part. He absolutely has the ability to play in the NHL and its mind boggling how different he was as a player. I still wonder if maybe he was coached to play a different style; the one game I saw live last year, Kenins had a bunch of opportunities where he could've really leveled guys into the glass (cleanly, too) but he just stopped up short and avoided or gently bumped them. Which ended up being a recurring theme, sadly... in his first stint, he would've delivered those hits as hard as he could.