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  1. Its still early, but the Pedan-Pouliot deal is looking like a smart one so far. He's a good skater and puck mover, doesn't look out of place at all on the powerplay. Pedan was always too erratic for my liking in Utica, a guy who had all the physical tools you could ask for but lacked the hockey sense to use them. There haven't been too many mistakes so far for Pouliot, although his minutes have been sheltered. That will probably change with the Stecher injury, if he's out for a while... gonna be a big test for Pouliot to see if he can handle a bigger role.
  2. The Oilers and the Habs weren't playing tonight though...?
  3. Fantastic game for Virtanen. His conditioning looks miles better than it was in Utica last season when he could barely handle a 30 second shift, and his shots are hitting the net too. Missing high/wide was a problem with the Comets. Looks like a focused player who compliments the Sedins really well and can benefit off of their passing.
  4. Final tally for Demko tonight is 40 saves on 41 shots in a 5-1 win. 3-1-0, 1.26 GAA, .960 save pct and 1 SO on the season now.
  5. Comets win! 5-1 the final, Demko stops 40 of 41. Final shots 41-25 for Rochester, Comets go 4/8 on the PP and Rochester 0/6. Multi point nights for Boucher, Goldobin, Archibald and Holm. Boucher and Goldobin are both in the top 15 in league scoring. Three stars: Demko, Boucher, Archibald. Next up for the Comets: a back to back at Charlotte on Saturday and Sunday. 1st 2:42 UTI Darren Archibald (1) ASST: Carter Bancks (4), Nikolay Goldobin (3) (PP) 17:25 UTI Reid Boucher (1) ASST: Nikolay Goldobin (4) (PP) 19:08 UTI Reid Boucher (2) ASST: Alexis D'Aoust (1), Darren Archibald (1) (PP) 2nd 2:33 UTI Joseph LaBate (2) ASST: Jayson Megna (1), Philip Holm (3) (PP) 7:01 UTI Guillaume Brisebois (1) ASST: Philip Holm (4), Yan-Pavel Laplante (1) 3rd 13:49 RCH C.J. Smith (2) ASST: Steve Moses (2)
  6. No shutout for Demko... Rochester makes it 5-1 on a back door one timer with six minutes to go. That's the 39th shot on Demko.
  7. End of the second, the Comets are up 5-0. Rochester leads in shots 32-21 although Utica held a 15-10 advantage in the second period. Comets are 4/6 on the PP, Rochester 0/5... Boucher, Goldobin, Archibald and Holm all with two point nights so far. Another spectacular Demko save:
  8. The Comets are up 5-0 and trail in shots 31-21... another great point blank one-time save from Demko.
  9. Brisebois scores to make it 5-0! His first pro goal, this one at even strength. The rout continues...
  10. Not yet cause I probably won't be able to finish today's game. I plan on getting a 10-game pack at some point, maybe for next weekend.
  11. Now 4-0 Comets... LaBate with the fourth PP goal in five attempts. Incredible.
  12. Boucher strikes again for yet another PP goal! 3-0 Comets on five shots... that's the end of the first. Shots are 22-6 for Rochester but the score is miraculously tilted heavily in the Comets' favour.
  13. Yeah, don't get that either. Megna and Hamilton seem like they're getting free vet passes by being able to play centre. But since the Comets are a little lean on centres it would make more sense to keep Chaput there until Cassels is healthy, at least.
  14. Boucher with his first of the year on another PP to make it 2-0! (Despite the Comets getting completely manhandled so far...)