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  1. Gotta love the spin that TSN's already trying to put on the Larsen hit...

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    2. Toews


      Man with all those skates kicking him in the head, I was scared a blade wouldn't come down on face/neck. The NHL needs some sort of rule that if a player appears injured and down the other players on the ice should immediately move away from the vicinity. Have your scrums away from the guy that's hurt.

    3. ShakyWalton


      @chon derry....but thats something we have a hard time doing with this group of forwards...our only pushback/hitting comes from the back end...really not acceptable in this league.

    4. chon derry

      chon derry

      @ShakyWalton theres no positional limitation set against defense from hitting hard ,cleanly ,but your right about our fwd's being way to soft, words out   jb has to bring in some muscle up front, its pretty clear 

  2. The Canucks will likely have to recall a d-man from Utica now that Larsen's out, since history shows that JB likes carrying at least 7. Thankfully they're on the east coast so its not much of a travel distance. Pedan is probably the next guy up on paper but I wonder if Green would recommend him or not based on the season he's had. The other guys under contract they could choose from are Subban, Billins, Sautner, Nilsson, and McEneny. Regardless, whoever they call up will likely just be watching from the press box. Biega more than deserves his chance to get into the lineup anyway.
  3. I actually posted about him in the draft thread a couple of times last year, I was hoping we'd get him in the late rounds. Playing in a really defensive Everett system probably impacted his draft totals a bit but he's having a fantastic year in his Draft+1 now. I used to work with his cousins so I'm a bit biased, though.
  4. It could be. But Boston probably doesn't see any of our forwards as direct comparables, since Horvat is obviously untouchable. So we'd have to deal from the defense, except I find it hard to see a fit there. I mean, everyone wants to deal Sbisa but there's no way Boston takes that. And every other team wants Tanev but that'd be too lopsided the other way. Maybe Boston would ask for Hutton or Gudbranson? I find it hard to believe JB would trade them so soon after signing/acquiring both but I don't really know how much value JB places on individual guys so its tough to say. Any ideas?
  5. Ehh. I wouldn't say its a complete no because Spooner does have upside. But I don't think we need to be trading any more picks or assets for tweener players. I'd rather give our own guys a shot, and I'd echo the sentiment of waiting to see what Rodin has first. We've got a decent collection of players in the early to mid 20s range now and I'd rather supplement them through development and the draft, instead of trading assets to add another 20-something guy to the mix.
  6. One assist for Neill today which extends his point streak to 8 games (15 points in that span). 7-27-34 in 27 games on the season, one point back of first place for d-men.
  7. One goal for Zhukenov today, earning him second star honours. Also won 6 of 11 draws. Now 10-14-24 in 23 games on the year.
  8. Abols continues his hot streak with a goal and two assists today vs Moncton, earning first star honours. Also had another crazy game in the faceoff circle winning 26 of 34 draws. He's now at 7-10-17 in 17 games this season.
  9. Comets win 3-1! 28 saves for Demko in the win. Comets go 2/9 on the PP while holding Albany to 0/7. Pelletier's assist on the second goal was changed to Robak, who now has a solid 12 on the year. For a team that's had a horrible record against Albany in the past, back to back wins against them is pretty impressive. 1st No scoring 2nd 11:08 UTI Darren Archibald (7) ASST: None (SH) 18:21 ALB Blake Coleman (5) ASST: None (SH) 3rd 13:17 UTI Carter Bancks (4) ASST: Alexandre Grenier (9), Colby Robak (11) (PP) 14:43 UTI Carter Bancks (5) ASST: Cody Kunyk (4), Colby Robak (12) (P
  10. Comets take a 2-1 lead; Bancks strikes on the PP, assists to Pelletier and Grenier. And then right after the Comets score again! Another PP goal from Bancks, assists this time to Kunyk and Robak. About 5 minutes to go in the third now.
  11. I like this line of thinking. Makes me wish we had a few more disposable assets we could deal at the deadline to stock up on picks since management doesn't seem like they want to sell the bigger assets. Purcell's value seems to have bottomed out though.
  12. Yeah, this is one I'd pass on too. Don't need a 30+ year old fringe guy, but taking a chance on one of the many young forwards in their early 20s on waivers this year would've been nice... someone will snap him up though, he's a decent bandaid player to paste into your lineup.
  13. I don't hate the Leafs - by that I mean I don't really dislike any of the players. But its the constant media bias towards them that irks me, along with the favouritism from the league. Guys like O'Sullivan shouldn't even have jobs or be relevant, he's no better than your average Twitter troll and its amazing how many of these guys are around in the Toronto media. Thankfully Sportsnet purged most of their on-air scum this summer so we have to see them on TV a little less.
  14. It is an improvement, on his draft size of 175 lbs. I don't know about the start of the year though.
  15. Abols with another goal and an assist today, as well as winning a whopping 22 of 29 faceoffs. 6-8-14 in 16 games for him now.