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  1. Thatcher Demko | G

    Demko was spectacular tonight for the Comets - stopped 40 of 42 and picked up a great assist on the Comets' first goal with a stretch pass to Goldobin while the Crunch were on a change. Really kept the team in the third when Syracuse piled up 20 shots on goal. One of his many stops in the third, right after the Crunch had scored to bring it to 4-2:
  2. 2017-18 Utica Comets Thread

    Comets win, 4-2 the final! The third period was all Syracuse's as they completely dominated the Comets on the shot clock 20-2 (42-24 total) but Demko stood tall and made a number of impressive saves to preserve the victory. Things were definitely chippy throughout and boiled over towards the end with Archibald absolutely decking Mathieu Joseph with a flurry of lefts, followed by another scrum off the next faceoff. The game was essentially won in the second period when the Goldobin-Darcy-Boucher trio took over and buried the Crunch with a series of goals, eight points total between them. (Boucher's now tied for the AHL lead in goals with 20 after two today). Boucher and Goldobin just look ridiculously good at this level, they generate chances like its nothing. The third period was a mess on the Comets end but I thought all three defense pairs worked well together through the first two periods - Wiercioch/Chatfield, Holm/Brisebois and Sautner/Blujus. Sautner especially caught my eye as someone who's made strides; Holm is the best of the bunch and deserves a look in Vancouver at some point. Chatfield and Brisebois both look more confident with the puck than they did in the earlier games I saw, Brisebois is not afraid to go to the tougher areas when needed and sacrifice his body to block shots. The Archibald-Cassels-Carcone line didn't stand out offensively but you can tell they're an irritating trio to play against, all three can throw the body around and forecheck hard. Cassels has never been a flashy guy but he's making better decisions with the puck and his reaction time looked better. Three stars: Darcy, Boucher, Demko. Really tough call but I would've had to go with Demko as #1... he was outstanding in the third and even created the first Utica goal with a great stretch pass. The Comets play next on Wednesday, at home to Hartford. 1st 16:58 UTI Reid Boucher (19) ASST: Nikolay Goldobin (16), Thatcher Demko (1) 2nd 2:50 UTI Darren Archibald (6) ASST: Cam Darcy (12), Nikolay Goldobin (17) (PP) 5:42 SYR Jonne Tammela (2) ASST: Michael Bournival (14), Jamie McBain (15) (PP) 15:07 UTI Reid Boucher (20) ASST: Cam Darcy (13), Philip Holm (13) 17:32 UTI Cam Darcy (2) ASST: Ashton Sautner (8), Nikolay Goldobin (18) 3rd 0:29 SYR Michael Bournival (13) ASST: Anthony Cirelli (19), Alex Gallant (2)
  3. 2017-18 Utica Comets Thread

    Crunch get one back early to make it 4-2 - Bournival on a rebound 29 seconds into the third period. Nick Riopel's now in goal for Syracuse after Ingram got the hook coming out of the intermission.
  4. 2017-18 Utica Comets Thread

    End of the second period, the Comets are up 4-1 after a dominant second period - shots are even at 22 apiece with the Comets having a 15-11 edge in the second frame. The Boucher-Darcy-Goldobin line is just torching the Crunch in this game... almost every shift of theirs has been in the Syracuse zone, and it takes the smallest window of opportunity for them to pounce and create a chance. Could've easily had two more goals as Darcy and Boucher both got in alone for a pair of chances in tight but couldn't convert. Comets have also been playing smart defense for the most part, with Holm definitely being one of the standouts. Sautner also looks like a much more confident player than the last time I saw him, he's been good positionally and is using his stick/body well.
  5. 2017-18 Utica Comets Thread

    4-1 Comets!! Cam Darcy taps in a rebound after Sautner had a chance in alone off of Goldobin's pass... that Boucher-Darcy-Goldobin line is dominating this game.
  6. 2017-18 Utica Comets Thread

    3-1 Comets!!! After some heated puck battles at the other end of the ice, the puck gets moved down to the Syracuse end and Boucher absolutely snaps it past Ingram... man, Boucher has a ridiculously good shot. Filthy snipe for his 20th of the year.
  7. 2017-18 Utica Comets Thread

    2-1 Comets - the Crunch get one back on a PP of their own as Tammela tips in a pass from Bournival at the side of the net. Just over six minutes gone in the second period now.
  8. 2017-18 Utica Comets Thread

    2-0 Comets! Archibald chips home a rebound on the powerplay after Darcy's deflection hit the post. Second assist goes to Goldobin who took the initial shot. Much better powerplay this time around, great movement and possession time. Just under three minutes into the second period.
  9. 2017-18 Utica Comets Thread

    End of the first period, Comets are up 1-0 off of Boucher's goal, shots are 11-7 for Syracuse. The Crunch had the run of play for most of the period as the Comets came scrambling out of the gate defensively, but Demko's made a number of solid saves so far - just a short while before the goal he made a sharp glove save off Yan coming down the wing at a good angle. The Comets had one powerplay which didn't amount to much; they had a couple shots but they were both one-and-done opportunities with no chance to get set up in the zone. Goldobin and Boucher are still the class of the Comets forwards and combined for the opening goal off of a great feed from Demko who caught the Crunch sleeping.
  10. 2017-18 Utica Comets Thread

    1-0 Comets!!! On a Syracuse change, Demko snaps a terrific pass all the way up to Goldobin at the Crunch blueline who passes it off to Boucher for the one timer goal. Three minutes to go in the first.
  11. 2017-18 Utica Comets Thread

    Tuning into today's Comets game vs Syracuse, about to get underway at 4:00 - Demko gets the start in goal across from Ingram. Cederholm has been sent back to the K-Wings. Comets are sporting their Save of the Day jerseys again for this one: Boucher-Darcy-Goldobin Archibald-Cassels-Carcone Dziurzynski-Hamilton-MacEwen Comrie-Cameranesi-Cherniwchan Wiercioch-Chatfield Brisebois-Holm Blujus-Sautner
  12. 2017-18 Utica Comets Thread

    I need to find some time to catch a few Comets games again... really curious to see the play of guys like Carcone and Cassels who have stepped it up offensively. Cassels looked like he was completely done as a prospect in the few I watched earlier in the year; I've always really liked Carcone's game and its great to see him finding the net again. Gonna be interesting to see what those two along with a few others on the roster can do for the rest of the season, as they're among a handful of pending RFAs that looked like longshots to be re-signed. (Carcone, Cassels, LaBate, Molino, Sautner).
  13. Possibly, depending on our roster moves between now and free agency. Ex. do we move Vanek, do the Sedins re-sign, do we keep guys like Granlund/Dowd, does Gaudette sign with us after his college season and impress right away. If we have the room after all those questions are answered, I don't mind signing him on a one-year deal to play on the fourth line - we don't have a lot of young guys who are well-suited to 4th line roles yet. Goldobin, Pettersson, Gaudette are probably the closest and all need to be in offensive roles to succeed. We could use someone of his type to kill penalties and provide quality defensive play in a limited role.
  14. Thomas Vanek | #26 | RW

    I wouldn't be opposed to keeping Vanek. It would be a far easier decision to make if the Eriksson contract didn't exist though, and to an extent the Gagner/Sutter contracts. Keeping Vanek, plus the Sedins, just feels like too many veterans on a team that's supposed to be rebuilding... it sucks because Vanek has outplayed guys like Eriksson/Gagner/Sutter (although Gagner has been much better of late) but he is the most expendable and the easiest to move so a young player can have a full-time spot or an expanded role next year. Not keeping Vanek means we lose 20-25 goals but it may mean a better opportunity for Virtanen or Goldobin, or perhaps Pettersson/Gaudette if they push hard enough to make the team. Or maybe the Canucks cut ties with a guy like Granlund and a spot is freed up that way.
  15. Alexander Edler | #23 | D

    Yeah, probably Edler's best game in recent memory tonight. His goal was a bit of a fluke but he laid out some solid hits and showed good positioning throughout the game, looked effective distributing the puck on the PP too. People love to rag on him but I've always thought his issue is that he's a second pairing guy on most teams who's been asked to be a #1 d-man for too many years... the injuries have definitely taken a toll on his body but he still deserves more credit than he gets.