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  1. The Pedan/Subban debate is interesting... Pedan is definitely more NHL ready to me. But when they're having off-games (which happened a lot down the stretch for him), Pedan can be a really dangerous negative factor. Defensive blunders + bad penalties is a lethal combination. I'm sure both players are well aware of their weaknesses however, and Pedan must know that his time is now if he ever wants to make it. Said this before, but when he's on his game, he has all the tools to succeed. Using them all appropriately is the challenge. Would agree wholeheartedly that McEneny has surpassed both of them though, that one's a no-brainer.
  2. Got posted in the Trades forum already, but the hometown kid is going overseas. Not much of a surprise that he wasn't re-signed; after a great 2015-16 season, injuries really diminished his effectiveness and consistency last year. He still showed flashes of that all-around game at times, but with his NHL hopes pretty much extinguished now, it makes sense to give Europe a shot. Best of luck to him.
  3. The Sifers signing is a solid one, speaks volumes about the Utica organization that he was willing to sign a two year deal as well. Also more than offsets the departure of David Shields. I thought Shields was steady for the most part during his time with the Comets, but his footspeed was always somewhat lacking and he wound up being a regular scratch towards the end of last year.
  4. 100% truth, he puts all those 1040 guys to shame.
  5. If he can find his game from 1-2 years ago, I don't mind this at all. But our forward group is a little crowded at the moment and I'm not sure if adding King is worth seeing a more skilled player sit in the press box or get sent to the minors. He'd be great depth though. And if Dhaliwal says it, there's likely some truth to the rumour...
  6. Big signing for the Comets, great to see Archie back for another year. He'll play a huge role leading the kids and playing in all situations again.
  7. And literally the second I post that he signs...
  8. Should be interesting to see whether its a one way or two way deal. I previously thought he'd be a contender for a fourth line spot in the fall, but given the Gagner and Burmistrov signings, our forward group is looking a little crowded so that seems a little less likely now. He'll probably start in Utica but will be a solid candidate for a call-up once injuries hit.
  9. Two minor pieces of Comets news:
  10. ETEM!
  11. Palmu was interviewed on 1040 at the development camp today:
  12. Watch them sign Archibald next and take the Comets' entire first line from last year. Best of luck to Grenier in Florida, he has all the individual tools to succeed and its up to him to figure out how to put them all together if he ever wants to stick in the NHL.
  13. Three years Gonna be fun to watch when they have to re-sign all those young guys in a couple of years.
  14. Valk signs a one-year ELC with the Panthers:
  15. Sucks to see him go since he made huge strides last season but happy he gets to sign his first NHL deal. He made the best of a great opportunity with the Comets. Agree, there have been some nice Canucks signings today but it would be wise for JB to shift his focus to add some AHL pieces now. Today's acquisitions pretty much ensure that one of if not both of Boeser/Goldobin will start in Utica (possibly Dahlen too if he stays in NA). Guys like Boucher and Megna don't seem to have a place in the NHL lineup either, unless something changes, like a Sutter trade maybe. But we saw last year how quickly those supposed AHL anchors can suddenly become NHLers with no intentions of sending them back down again, as soon as injuries strike, which they will.